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Aug 7, 2012
Back in August, I had my local Wal-Mart install a set of General Grabber STX tires on my 2003 Envoy. These are private-label tires that General makes especially for Wal-Mart. They are a close cousin to the Grabber HTS, which is a favorite on many tire buying websites. The tread pattern on the STX looks a lot like the pattern on the HTS. There are probably differences between the two that go beyond tread pattern, but I’m not an engineer, so I wouldn’t know.
I thought I would wait a while and live with my tires before I posted any kind review of them. Having now driven on them for six months, I can say without a doubt that they are really good tires.
These tires replaced a set of Uniroyals that had well over 80,000 miles on them. They were great tires but the tread was almost gone, and there was no way my Envoy was going to pass a state inspection with them. So I had to bite the bullet and buy some tires, but my budget would not allow a huge price tag. I would have loved another set of Uniroyals or even LTX’s, but they just weren’t in the cards. I even looked at retreads from Treadwright, but I couldn’t get over the mental hump of retread tires.
Truth be known, I just needed a basic set of tires that would get me to and from work every day and that wouldn’t break the bank. The Generals fit that bill perfectly. They cost me just over $600 out the door. They balanced perfectly and drive really smooth. I am more than pleased with their wet and dry traction, but what has really won me over is their ability in snow and ice. (I live in southwest Virginia and do see inclement weather from time to time.) These tires have handled admirably in whatever weather conditions have come my way.
I have also had the opportunity to take these tires off-road. Without fail, they have done great. I like to hunt and fish, so sometimes have to go across a field or down a trail to get where I need to go. Coupled with four-wheel drive, I have never gotten myself stuck or found myself looking for more traction.
So there you have it. I like these tires, and I wouldn’t hesitate getting another set. They ride quiet, handle great, and didn’t cost a fortune. In fact, my wife’s minivan will need a new set of tires by the fall, and I may put a set of the Generals on it. Would that be weird … SUV tires on a minivan?


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