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Dec 3, 2011
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Its going to be easier to unplug the coil packs. On each valve cover, there is a wire harness plug. Its has a blue side lock. Pull that out, and unplug it on each valve cover.

This will also allow you to do a wet compression test, as the fuel injector will allow the fuel into the cylinder. Its not perfect. But it works.

There is a fuse/relay to pull, but what it is, I am not sure.

Per this video, at the 27 second mark, its fuse 5, a 15amp fuse. You can verify by pulling it, and attempting to start the truck.



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Oct 22, 2015
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Prior to the advent of Catalytic Converters... Blue-Gray Smoke at Start Up was a common, strong indication for having Bad Valve Guide Sealing between the Valve Stems and the ID Barrells of the ordinarily Brass Valve Guides hammered or pressed into the naked, cast-in Intake and Exhaust Valve positions. This phenomena would soon subside during periods of acceleration... and then return soon after whenever idling for lengthy time frames ...or even during frequent Red Light Stops.

However, since MOST of the Oil that fails to get completely combusted inside the Cylinders, regardless of the cause and origin would ordinarily get completely burned away inside of the 900 Degree F CATs of Modern Vehicles (albeit ...not without "Poisoning" the CAT in the process) it is doubtful anything less than a VERY large amount of un-burned oil would manage to make it through the full length of the CAT and end up un-changed enough to "Color" the atmosphere of the exhaust stream as a Blue-Gray Cloud prior to having a Full Engine Warm-Up. So this problem really is quite a puzzle.
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