For the other detailers here...

ChriSS K

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Jan 3, 2012
It’s time for me to put some questions to bed for myself and if I can help some fellow detailers at the same time then that’s cool also. I also know this has been done before, but I'm more go at won't hurt! I’m going to take my time and take as many pictures as I see worth it. I’ll try to be as scientific as I can about it and I’m already guessing at the end it will be a matter of personal preference like most things. The car will be a 1999 Crown Victoria that is black with a TON of swirls and I know the owner so it’s cool to use as a test piece. Just figured I’d plant the seed and see if anyone was looking for anything specific with what I’m doing. In the pic I’m just showing the orange LC CCS and flat, but I have all colors and will use accordingly. If anyone has questions please ask and I will be starting the car tomorrow night and will finish and have the pictures posted Sunday night!

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