Flip/Reverse Front UCA

Hey guys,

Getting ready to install BDS 2 inch lift with Fox shocks on 02 LTZ. Reading about the front uca reversal and flip. At what point is this a good idea and is actually needed? Im of the 80% that has a lifted TB and does not really Off road - maybe dirt trails every so often.

Ive read the 10 page thread on ORTB and feel mixed about it - for people that really off road is a good idea. For people like me it probably wouldnt make a difference. Will applying this mod help take any unnecessary load off of the hub bearing? Will it help a shop getting closer to alignment specs?



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Flip them. It makes the angle of the ball joint not so extreme. I have the MarkMC lift and don't offroad but did the flip anyway.
I had mine flipped on my 2.5" lift. Alignment guy said it was brilliant and it was dead easy to get in spec.

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