First Audio System 02 Trailblazer


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Mar 1, 2021

I purchased the sub and amp as a kit from Amazon it was $250.00 MTX Terminator 12s kit and the Head unit I purchased from Best Buy for $350.00 I bought the mounting bracket for the head unit from Walmart for $15 bucks and I purchased the wiring kit for the system from Amazon. I used oxygen free copper and I used 4 gauge wire ran to the battery and used a battery adapter for the positive lead on battery so it is nice and secure I purchased the battery lead connector from a stereo shop near where I live. I decided to keep the stock speakers in my car because they were the Bose and sounded great. Now that the Bose speakers have the extra bass from the subs I feel it made the sound production complete. The MTX 12s kit came with a bass knob and I ran the wire it came with from the amp in the trunk through the top liner down and into the dash located on the bottom left of the steering wheel and completely hid the wire. I plan on mounting the sub down for any off-roading. The amp I mounted it over the storage on the left side of the truck and hid all wires inside of the panel. I ran into a issue with the Bose speakers and amp and could not figure it out so I took it to a stereo shop and they were able to find that I needed a adaptor to make the Bose system compatible with the sub and amp I added. I payed $35 bucks for that adapter and during the system install I ran a wire for a back up camera and when I went to the stereo shop I had them officially install the camera and they used the wire I ran and it saved me some money I could have done the camera but installing the system I already invested a whole saturday doing it. So I payed the stereo shop 75 bucks for labor on the back up camera and installing the adaptor to the head unit now when I put the car in reverse the camera pops up and the back up camera is a $25 back up camera off of Amazon and is honestly awesome for the price it’s not crystal clear hd but I wouldn’t call it low res it definitely makes me feel better when back up the blazer now.
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