"Finally" sold the Envoy


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Dec 3, 2011
After a trying to sell my 2002 Envoy last year, and changing my mind (which was awkward because I already had it sold it at that point had to return the guys deposit), today I parted ways with my Envoy. :redface:

I am sad but also super excited to get a new ride. Technology has advanced so much since 2002. The Envoy's CONTINUAL repairs were driving me bananas. I cant even say it started when the mileage got high; when I bought the truck in 2004 with 64000 miles its needed work then. The trend just continued until last weekend when I had enough. I put it on craigslist yesterday and a couple came today with cash in hand! I listed it for 5500 and sold it for 5 solid. 162,000 miles on it, a bad fuel sender and a botched front bumper. Not bad!

Dont know what Ill be driving next yet but Im going to jump the GM ship this time. Ill check in occasionally and never forget all the help I received from you guys and money I saved! I never ever brought the truck in for repairs sans an OnStar upgrade and the trans cooler lines (independent trans shop). I spent over $9700 in parts and maintenance items on my Envoy in 8 years. I cant imagine how much that number would be if I brought it in for everything that went wrong. I cant thank the members here and the ones that stayed behind enough for the help and money you helped me save!!!


Nov 20, 2011
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Did you tell the buyers about GMT Nation?

Remember we're here if you get another GMT.

Good luck.


Mar 19, 2012
Remember we are always here even if you don't have a GMT

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