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About this Post: We've gathered all of the most frequently requested information and compiled them here. We're continue to add more as time goes on. If you have something you'd like added here, please PM a staff member or report the post that contains the relevant information and ask that a link is added to this thread. We'll repair the broken links below as soon as possible.

Diagnosing the 4WD System
Front Axle 4WD Disconnect
Tie Rod Replacement
How to Change the Alternator on an I-6 (Video)

How to Change the Spark Plugs on an I-6(video)
Front Wheel Bearing Replacement
How to Reset the Change Oil Light (Video)
Squeaky Noise in Drivers "B" Pillar Repair (Video)
How to Check for Spark On Your I-6 (Video)
How to Clean the Throttle Body on an I-6 (Video)

How to clean your throttle body
What to Test when Both headlights are out (Video)
What to do when your window is stuck in the down position (Video)
I-6 Misfire Diagnosis, First Step (Video)
Front Differential Fluid, Check and Change (Video)
Electrical Problems After Jump Start (Video)
Checking Fuel Pressure, 02 thru 04 I-6 (Video)
Tail light Circuit Board Input/Output Testing (Video)
Transfer Case Fluid, Check and Change (Video)
02 & 03 Cabin Air Filter Install (Video)
I-6 Oil and Filter Change (Video)

How to Install Mirror Turn Signals
How To Remove the Grille from a Trailblazer BROKEN LINK
Rear Axle Wheel Bearing Replacement
Transfer Case Operation (Technical)
Rear Axle G80 Rebuild
4L60e Technical Documents
How Much Lift Do I Need to Fit 33 Inch Tires?
What is The Red Wire in the Engine Compartment that is Sitting Unhooked Near the Fuse Box?
GMT 360 Parts List
Trailblazer headlight bulb replacement (Article)
How To Remove and Reinstall Front Bumper Cover (Article)
How to test the electro-viscous fan clutch (Article)
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Many of the links in this post were broken after the recent site upgrades. We've fixed as many as we could and we're still working on getting the articles moved from the old software to the current software (we've been focusing on forum related issues to ensure minimal inconveniences to our members).
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