Envoy axle replacement


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Apr 23, 2012
Well I went for it and bought axles and struts for my 02 envoy and with info I got here, installed them with help of my buddy. We had a few issues and busted knuckles but all is well. I got seals for each side. Didn't need em on the right but the left was leaking and the seal they gave me was wrong. Went back and returned them and got the right one and $16 back. One problem was when we put the right side back together, I installed the strut, then couldn't get the caliper back ,from where i had it tied up, through to where it needed to be. I had to remove the brake line from the caliper to position it. That caused a complete bleeding job. Added at least 30 mins. We started about nine am, went out for lunch, and finished up 5:30. I feel we did good. I installed the new rear shocks this morning. It rides like a new one. I used the Monroe quick strut so I wouldn't have to deal with spring. Got the axles from napa and seal from Chevy dealer. Borrowed seal puller from advance auto. Ouch a $150 deposit that was returned when I returned it. Keep up the good work here at gmtnation.

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