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I'm not an electrician, but I'm going to be pissing around with some stuff this weekend and hoping to make it all work.

To avoid confusion, I'll start by saying I have a GMC Canyon

I'm going to be installing a new rear view mirror, complete with auto dim, compass and temperature. I have wiring diagrams, and should be good to go with that. Now, my old mirror had map lights, new one does not. I still want to have lights.

I remember one of my old trailblazers had these: Chevy Trailblazer GMC Envoy Overhead Dome Light Interior Lights Trim 15007225 | eBay

I want to know how hard it would be to wire up these lights in the front center of the celling from the old power wire that powered the map lights in the old mirror.

Any advice is very appreciated,


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I don't think you would have enough clearance in the headliner. They would stick out. I believe there is more clearance above the doors, which could be doable. Cut your headliner with a box cutter to fit the light, then dremel/rotate saw the hole if needed. Be careful not to puncture the roof. Run 12v through A pillars, or pull from mirror. Not hard with the right tools and determination.


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So wiring shouldn't be that hard and space is the determining factor. Looks like I should be alright space wise, but does any one know how deep these things actually are. Here are some pics of how the head liner is shaped, it looks like I should have a good half inch of space above:


I tried to get a good shot of the depth in the ridge in the center where I hope to mount these.

I'm open to any other options or suggestions in regards to keeping overhead lighting. I just don't want to spend a lot of money on this.


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i don't know and can't tell how much room there will be behind that headliner but if your committed to putting a light there then measure the center position of where the light will go a pop a quarter size hole. That way you can see what is going on, you can have the wires prerun, and measure your backspacing. Then you just have to order lights that will fit. You'll find something. I've bought low profile LED dome lights from Walmart that don't need more than the thickness of the wires. As far as spending the extra $4 for the wires, if your not great with wiring/soldering then it might be a wise purchase to get the wires and save yourself some possible grief.


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I ended up ordering the silverado lights with the wiring. I've got a good amount of stuff planne for the truck this weekend so I want to avoid any added grief. The silverado lights don't look to need much space above the headliner so should work out good. I'll post pictures of everything on Saturday.

Thanks again

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