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Nov 22, 2012
I own a 2002 trailblazer LT and all my controls on my drivers door have stopped working (except the drivers window will roll up and down but not smootly and takes about 5min to get all the way down and back up VERY SLOW). As the drivers door buttons dont work all the other door buttons work so I can roll all windows up and down and use power locks from any door except the drivers.

Keeping this in mind my real problem is that when I turn the car off something is draining my battery dead and after about 5 hours I have to jump the vehicle to start it again. I have had the battery tested and its good and they also told me that the vehicle is constantly drawing about 2.8 amps from the battery when the vehicle is off.

The other day I wiggled some off the wires around under the drivers door control panel where the buttons are and the wires in the hinge of drivers door and all the buttons began to work for a day and the next day the truck started right up a and then all the buttons stopped working again and now Im stuck with the drainage issue again.

I can only guess that the drivers control panel with the buttons or wires on the drivers door is the root cause of this but Im not to sure. Anybody have any ideas or comments on what I can do to fix this. I would really appreciate it I dont want to spend 1000 dollars at a shop or especialy the dealership Id rather do it myself. Thanks


Dec 4, 2011
Take the panel out with the buttons on it and disconnect it. See if the battery keeps draining. If it stops draining the battery get another one.

The door modules really arent serviceable if they are fried.


Nov 23, 2012
One thing you might do is to disconnect the battery and wire some 12-volt device in series with it.
Something like a small bulb or even a small car vacuum might might work (it would run at a very low speed).

Anything that could give some indication of activity using that little 2.8 Amp leakage current.
A full battery charge would be best.

Now you can go to the door or anywhere else and start wiggling wires to see which one shuts off the 12-volt device.
If the car vacuum works, you can just listen for when it stops.


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Nov 19, 2011
Portland, OR
Yeah, the driver's door module is a known high failure rate item due to water getting into the electronics when the window is rolled down in rain or snow. The used market for these on Ebay and the junkyards is tight and high priced as a result. Since some modules have even caught fire, the Feds made GM issue a recall on certain years and certain states, so you might call a dealer to find out if your VIN is included in the recall, but I don't think any 2002s were covered.

You can buy a new DDM (Driver's Door Module) from any on-line discount GM parts outlet like parts4chevys.com, but then you'll have to take it to a dealer for "programming" which is just a way to soak you for an hour's minimum charge (usually) for ten minutes worth of work.

You may also have a simple issue of broken insulation on the wires in the rubber boot near the hinge area, but you can inspect them, or next time try just wiggling those wires, and not the ones near the module.

In an emergency, and if you don't have passengers all the time, you can use the PDM in place of the DDM for a while.


Jul 1, 2012
Found out about this service called ModuleMaster.com They may have what you need or may be able to repair the module you do have.

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