Driverside Tail Light Assy


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Jan 27, 2012
Had a brake lamp out and went to replace it on my lunch. 2 bulb pack $4.99. The phillips screwdriver I grabbed was too pointy and started to strip a bulb housing screw.

Back into the store to buy a $1 bin philips and some liquid wrench (needed a new can anyway).

New screw driver did the trick and broke the screw post off the Light housing even after a soaking of penetrating fluid.

Minor cursing ensued. No biggie, I can figure out a fix, I'm good like that.

Replace bulb, test brake light. Good to go.

Break 2nd screw post replacing the bulb housing screws. Maybe I broke it removing the screw, but didn't notice it.

It was that cold outside either, maybe 35*. Would have waited until I parked over night in my semi-heated garage, but I already got pulled over and an oral warning to get it fixed that morning, and then again on my way to the parts store at lunch.

Gotta call the salvage yard and see if they have any in stock..

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