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Anyone else attend? Went with my son, we've been a few times but he's a senior in HS this year, so who knows what the future will bring.

Anyway, here's a few observations. We went through the whole thing, but spent most of our time at Ford and GM, with a fair bit at Dodge/Chrysler as well. I really like the Durango. Base model has just over 6,000lb towing with the v6 and the v8 gets you over 8,000. Interior was a great fit and like my 97x, not a big oversized vehicle.

Ford had, as usual, a HUGE display. Their entire truck lineup was on 2nd story platform with escalators on both ends. Just the construction of that was impressive. They had big advertising on the new Ranger which was high on my list to check out. Sadly, they only had a couple there and none you could get int. Interestingly enough, Lincoln was on the entire other side of the hall, treated as an independent brand. The new Continental is jaw dropping, we went back to visit it again. We have a 2012 MKZ which I think is amazing, and they have just kept stepping up. The Navigator is of course an Expedition at heart, but the treatment of it was a very clear step up.

GMC and Chevy were on opposite sides of the same space, literally a wall in between. GMC was pushing the 'Professional Grade' concept, I felt like all the GMC models had nicer finishes but not over the top. Also more of a sporty or performance feel. Chevy was very Americana themed, their displays had lots of pictures of iconic American scenery. It did indeed feel like the every mans car.

Buick, holy cow. Also located on the other side of the hall, not attached in any way to the GMC/Chevy or Cadillac areas. Buick is absolutely a step above GMC, something I have not previously felt. They're pushing the luxury idea here for sure. The new Buick Avenir line (as in step above Denali) is a home run. Spent a little time looking at the Enclave Avenir, I could live in that. Cadillac feels sporty to me, the cars especially. The Escalade is of course still what you'd expect.

I could go on, we had a great time and I feel like all the big 3 are putting out some amazing product right now. I just wish I could afford/justify one.

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