Custom Weatherstripping?


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Dec 4, 2011
I did the door seal modification a while back, and the doors are still pretty tough to close after about 2 years. I used the larger diameter vinyl tubing, I think the options were 3/8" or 5/16" and I used the 3/8." But most of the weather stripping I have could stand to be replaced. I was wondering if anyone has gotten any custom sealing done? My area is plagued with stink bugs, and every time I open my door, they are sitting all around the weather stripping... so while they aren't getting inside the truck when everything is closed, they weasel their way in every time I open my door to get in. Between the front and rear doors, there is that gap where you can see inside and see the door latch. The rear doors have some more protection, but it still doesn't do that great of a job in keeping debris out of the truck.

Another pet peeve which just goes along with the design of our doors, is how they taper into part of the roof. So, when you open the door in the winter, all that snow falls into the interior. Just wondering if anyone's done anything to improve that sealing as well?

Then moving on to the rear liftgate and liftglass, that stuff gets so incredibly dirty, and even showing decent rust on those parts. Would be great to find a better way to seal that stuff up. I put vinyl tubing in both of their weatherstripping as well. The one in the whole gate one works great, it no longer rattles when I hit bumps in the road, but the liftglass will pop open on its own because there isn't even force to keep it down, so I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you go with a smaller tubing than where you use everywhere else.

Thanks for the help!

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