Crazy Center Dome Light


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I have a 2006 short wheel-base Trailblazer, and it has a crazy problem.

My son noticed while walking through the garage, when it was dark, that the center dome light was dimly lit. I did a quick check by pressing both center dome lenses to activate the "reading" setting of the switches and the bulbs went from dim to normal brightness. I pressed the lenses again and both the bulbs went back to dim. Then, I closed the door and the front dome light and tailgate dome light went out, like normal. But the center dome pair will stay on, but still at a lesser brightness. I am not sure why this is happening. I did a quick review of the wiring diagram, that is found on this site, and found that the lights are connected to the same wire harness, so nothing jumped out to me as to why this is happening.

About a year ago I replaced the dome bulbs with LED equivalents, yet have never had a problem until now.

Any ideas?

I was reviewing the lights again and the center dome lights were still acting crazy. I then went to the front seat and closed the door. The front dome lights went out, all normal. Then I pushed the lenses and both lights were dim. To just try something I pulled the fuses and re-installed them, one by one. I found that fuse #40 controls the power to the lens switch "reading" action on both the front and center dome lights. When I re-installed the fuse the lights came on normal and bright. I clicked the lenses to courtesy operation, closed the door, all the lights went out, opened the door, and all the lights came on bright and normal.

My only thought was this; could a body control module be controlling this and the module is maybe going bad?
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From my understandings, this is something that happens a lot with LED bulbs. Not sure what to tell you to try to correct the problem.


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If I read the wiring diagram correctly, the front dome should have been lit also since both are on the same circuit. That is what is perplexing to me.


Random idea, see what happens if you swap the bulbs between the front row and 2nd row. See if the problem follows the bulbs, or stays put. You might luck out, have it be an issue with the bulbs and your truck is fine.


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You might want to try resetting the BCM , I have seen some strange things due to thAT. Was have TPMS issues where the light wouldn't go out and could not figure it out. Decided to pull the fuses for the BCM for a few minutes and reinstalled and have never had another TPMS issue .

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