Complete Manufacture of the 1930-1939 British Morris In-Line 4 Cylinder Engine


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If you appreciate the understanding of the Engineering Genius of GM Atlas I-6 Engine... You will also enjoy watching this Old Path'e Movie that covers every single aspect of the Manufacture of the British Morris 4 and 6 Cylinder Cylinder Automotive Engines. You get to observe how the Basic Raw Materials first being Forged and Cast Iron and Steel into the Rough Components and final Machining and Assembly of all these Components used to create these Tough Little Four Cycle Car and Truck Engines:

The Early Science of Perfecting Automotive Physics:

"The Gift" from the British Morris Car Company:

BMC "British Motor Car" using the Morris 4 Cylinder Engine:

I'm not ashamed to say that the First Car I ever bought was a Hillman Morris Minor... I paid $40.00 for it...and sold it two years later when I turned 18 for $50.00... It was an inexpensive car to own and drive and never broke down. On one occasion I had all four tires go flat after driving past an over turned truck that shredded them. I drove from Holley Hill to Deland, Florida and the whole time during this bone-shaking trip... My girlfriend and my best friend at the time would not stop laughing... But by God... with sparks flying everywhere... We made it! LOL.

The only problem I ever had was when I 'power shifted' and the front two hold down bolts of the "Lawn Chair" style Driver's Seat snapped off and I wound up flipping backwards and staring at my headliner at around 40 MPH. I had to suddenly use the Steering Wheel to pull myself back up and found myself still traveling down my own side of the Road... What an experience THAT was. It is only now so many decades later on that I can see why these Little Engines could run damned near forever and not break down. :>)
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