Comparing the XTools D7 to the XTools D8 Scanners


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Oct 22, 2015
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The ever-present Question for GM Truck and SUV Owners without their having either a GM OEM Bosch Vetronix Tech 2 Scan Tool in their Kit Bag (...or a “GYMKO” General Motors Knock Off version) will be:

Will an inexpensive Blue Tooth Scan Tool do everything that a Tech 2 is capable of ?

Generally… No.

However, there ARE a few Scan Tools that WILL perform an astonishing number of Bi-Directional Tests and a bewildering array of Vehicle and Module Activation and Diagnostics that for all of those features being present… that are really NOT that expensive.

The XTools D7 sports an Android Cell Phone Size Screen (Using a DLC Cable Connection NOT Blue Tooth Adapter) and is available on Amazon for under $500.00. (Note that it does NOT use a typical Oscilloscope Graphing of Voltage Over Time feature for Sensor and Component Live Diagnostics).

This Video covers a Side-By-Side Comparison of the XTools D7 to the latest 2021 Model XTools D8:

As you can see, the XTools D8 sports a LARGER Touch Screen Scan Tool has, among its additional features, the ability to display Oscilloscope Graphed Data for Wave Form Analysis:

Here is a GM-GMC Vehicle Owner sitting in his Truck and doing a basic walk through of this XTools D8 Unit… available from Amazon for Just Under $700.00:

...and here is another Owner of a 2016 GMC Sierra 5.3L Truck showing what this Xtools D8 can do for him:

The XTools D8 also works with an Optional USB Endoscope (Boro-Scope) available for $60.00 on Amazon:

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