Coil Packs replacements time?


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I searched this section and actually the site but did not see what I thought was related. So if this was answered already I apologize. But here is my info..

2004 Envoy Xl with I6
Bought with 32k on it now has 190k mostly highway daily with 80 miles round trip each day for work
All service done when needed (sometimes even before it was needed)
Getting ready to replace the sparkplugs (this isthe second set .. replaced first set at about 100k)

here is the question ..

What about the spark plug coil packs?
should I replace them as well evern tho there are no issues or codes?

Any thougths are apprciated


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To be honest, I don't think it's a change at a certain mileage item, however with that said, I would do it if I could afford it.

I got my truck with 200,000km, one coil had already been changed.
a few months later, another went on me and i changed it.

at this point two are new and four are old, I'm now going to try and buy some when I place parts orders and have some extra cash. I would like all done so that I don't fire it up one day and have the misfire I experienced a few weeks back. (I need a reliable DD)

Also, My pops has an 05 Rainier with 140,000km on it and had his first coil pack die on him last week. (he's of the same opinion as me and will be looking into slowly picking some up to change them all out.

Your call I guess.

Good Luck, Let us know what you choose.

FWIW From what I can tell with these they do seem to last longer with highway km's than with city km's (Grand parents 06 Rainier 200,00km mostly highway and they haven't had to change any yet.)


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I would only change them upon a misfire code or a failure. Like stepper motors, they either work or they don't. Although I *have* heard of crooked dealers and garages recommend changing them as a PM item. I think they're greedy nutbags, knowing how they work.


Rs8892 said:
Rock auto has some ok prices.

Was looking a these for my 08 just to see price, don't understand way the Envoy are so mush more. Are not the engines the same?


It isn't TB vs Envoy, but rather old vs new. 06+ have a different head and use a different coil pack design. Notice the newer ones are square on top vs oval-ish.
I didn't know there was or is a difference, but if you look at the pix there is a big difference. Maybe a head redesign on the newer engines. The older ones have more parts. More assembly work.


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I would just keep a new new one as a spare in the truck and change when one fails. That's what I do.


TexazReece said:
I recently got my spark plugs changed out and went on and got the coil packs as well.
I hope you kept the old ones for spares (for you or someone else).

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