C0700, C0701, C0A00 and C0A01

I got the following codes on my 2011 Buick Enclave CXL, AWD, reset them and they all came back within a few days: C0A00, C0A01, C0700 and C0701. Can somebody please tell me what they may indicate? Engine light is on.

Does the leveling system detect differences in the Left versus the Right side of the vehicle? I recently replaced one of the rear tires with a different brand, against recommendation. Could this be the possible cause of the issue?


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The Error Codes are directing you to investigate the Electrical Mechanism and Circuitry that is at the heart of the matter involving either a "High" electrical draw... or an Open Circuit of some kind. If the wiring leading from the switches that control this problem are adjacent the wheel(s) you worked and its wiring harness connectors were either left unplugged or became sliced, cut or damaged in some way, this could cause an Open or Short Circuit... then Yes... Reviewing what you've worked on down there would be the first place to investigate the problem. Frankly... Yours is the first "Enclave Encounter" I've seen here at GMTN ...and if your vehicle is equipped with such an exotic chassis balancing piece of technical hardware that has the Command and Control of it at your fingertips... it is Brand New One on me...
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