Amazon Product Autel Maxi-Check Pro Scan Tool ABS Brake Bleeds "Black Friday" 20% OFF @ $160


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Oct 22, 2015
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Just a Quick Follow Up on THIS Autel MaxiCheck Scan Tool Bargain...

Guys... For you Folks who drive Later Model Vehicles...FGS... (For God's Sake) KEEP ON READING and WATCHING!

I ordered THIS Kit at the Sale Price and received it Overnight. And just as with my other Autel MaxiDAS DS708 Scanner Kit and my Autel MaxiScope MP408 4 Channel Oscilloscope Kit...THIS Thing is JUST SO DAMNED TRICK!

If you look at the Screen Print image from the Linked Site can see that you can Register and Download their Pro User Online Software Updates that THESE Two Videos describe:

Note: No Software CD or Full Paper Manual is included with the Kit. The SW is just a SNAP to Download the Autel Maxi PC Suite and Install it on Windows Computers (ASAP) and when I did so, one of the Important Updates included right away was dated 11/2023 for the GM Vehicles. Here is the Link to the Autel MaxiCheck Owner's Manual in PDF:


PS .. I take a special pleasure in the idea that EVEN after they discontinued the On Line Support for the DS708...Their Server STILL Maintains their Autel MaxiDAS DS708 Software Suite... and they would NOT be doing that unless people were STILL using that device as I still do!)
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