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Aug 16, 2015
So nearly a year after buying this thing I finally opened the package just yesterday. Downloaded the app and began exploring.

This isn't going to be a full on highly detailed review of the device or the app but just a post about my remembrances of yesterdays endeavors.

First off was making a user account. They take their security seriously. Enter the email address you will 'bind' this device to then choose your password and enter that in both fields BEFORE pressing the verify button. Why before and not after? A timer begins when you press the verify button and you have ONE minute to retrieve and submit the form along with the security code that is emailed to the address provided. If you or your email service is a bit slow you may miss the window and need to resend the code.

Next thing I remember coming up was that the app had a form for registering or binding the serial number to your email address or the sort. There was no way to type in a serial number but a button for scanning with the phone camera. I hit the scan button and kept pointing the camera at the serial number barcode on the package. That just didn't work. Eventually I looked into the blister card the thing came in and found a quick start sheet which explained there was a QR code on the device itself and it was THAT where I was supposed to scan for the serial number. AHA!

So scanned the QR and got the serial number in and got the device bound to my email address. Next up is to choose the ONE free vehicle line that you get free with purchase. Of course I choose GM. That went quick,,,, until later when I go out to the vehicle to actually try this out. Pairing the Bluetooth device was done within the app instead of independently doing so in the Android system. That was easy enough but then....

I cannot remember the specific order of the next two events but while attempting to actually do some diagnostics I become aware that I need to download the GM product line I had earlier chosen. About 600 megabytes of it! Had to go back into the main house to get access to the 5G wifi for this! And after the download it has to unzip. OH!! I also had to free up more storage space on the phone to make room for this.

The other thing that happened was a popup directing me to download a second app from the PlayStore named something like "Diag-USA" or the like.

After all that I again go out to the truck and reconnect to the device. I think the selection I made was "Diagnostics" which opens another screen (the Diag-USA app) where I hit the "GM" selection I downloaded just before this.

The key is on so the device can connect to the vehicle network and at some point I hit an option to scan for the VIN which it does and we sort out the specifics of year, sub-model, Radio, HVAC and the like. Very much like using a Tech 2. That is not at all surprising as there is no doubt this is using proprietary data licensed from GM.

I somewhat briefly browse through a few modules pulling up live data and inputs, outputs, module IDs' and the like. I move over to the "Service" item where a listing of potential special operations reside. I haven't explored far but see things like Oil life reset, throttle relearn, clearing the transmission adapts (after a trans service/repair), and ABS brake bleed.

That last one catches my attention as we somewhat often see online questions about doing this and I have never actually seen or read the steps for doing this service. So I select that and read the instructions. Seems fairly straightforward. And this may be the least-cost option for that service?

And sitting here looking over the other service items I see what they label as "TEC learn". The desription is spot on for a CASE relearn. That would really add to the value if it is truly capable of this.

The cost looks to vary widely. Typically running $60 to $70. Don't confuse this with the similarly named AP200H, or AP200M.

Best price I see right now (aside from AliExpress) is about $35 from JBTools. I am considering grabbing a second one for my ladys' 2016 JCW Mini. I could add a second car line to my existing device but "I think" a second line added that way is an annual subscription of $21.99 whereas the free car line that comes with a device pruchase is lifetime.


Actually, while writing this I had a look at AliExpress where they are like $15 (not $15, That was for a cable! not the item pictured!!) but slow shipping and I am thinking I'll get a few more of these. We have a 2008 Ford Ranger and 2016 JCW Mini and I can give one to a friend with an older Jeep. Not sure about the support for the MINI though. The lifetime free car line with purchase is the hook and I have like a half dozen different email addresses I can use to register them!

I'll add a few screenshots in a few....

Screenshot_20230302-102008_Autel MaxiAP200.jpgScreenshot_20230302-102029_Autel MaxiAP200.jpgScreenshot_20230302-102112_Autel MaxiAP200.jpg
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Dec 3, 2011
Brighton, CO
Hey neighbor!!!

Sounds interesting.. But what does the device look like that you are talking about.. The only thing I am finding is a OBD2 dongle, with tablet/cellular phone bluetooth interface.

Which is completely different than the handheld device you have pictured above.


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Aug 16, 2015
Which is completely different than the handheld device you have pictured above.

The bluetooth dongle is the device I am talking about there.

That picture is a screenshot of the app where there are Autel advertisements in the top panel. What you see there is an advertisement for other Autel devices.

I explored a little more today and have discovered it displays a lot of what a Tech 2 displays. No programming of course but for live data and such it is pretty good. I still prefer Car Scanner ELM OBD2 for data logging, display and analysis though.

I have not yet fiddled with anything like ABS Bleed or the like.

Screenshot_20230302-151139_Autel MaxiAP200.jpgScreenshot_20230302-151334_Autel MaxiAP200.jpgScreenshot_20230302-151509_Autel MaxiAP200.jpgScreenshot_20230302-151530_Autel MaxiAP200.jpgScreenshot_20230302-151711_Autel MaxiAP200.jpgScreenshot_20230302-151807_Autel MaxiAP200.jpgScreenshot_20230302-151756_Autel MaxiAP200.jpg
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