Are they trying to scam me?


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Nov 20, 2011
Well I been looking for some Husky or Boxer puppies for some time and I found an Ad with someone selling them in OK so I replied. And I got this back;

thanks for your lovely responds in regards to my puppies i have two puppies left a male and a female and have all their papers. they are registered ck and are putty trained. they love playing with kids and other pets. i am a very busy person that is why i am deciding to give these babies out for adoption to any lovely and caring home.Actually, i have been very busy with my work as i have just grape a new job which is making me not to have time to take good care of these puppies since the work is making to waste much of my time working. sure you show my puppies much love and they are now ready for their new homes

i shall like to ask you some questions................

have you ever had a puppy before?

do you have kids ?

do you have space for the puppies in your house ?

how many puppies will you like to adopt?

where are located

please sorry for all the questions it is just to make sure that the puppies do fall in the hands of a very caring person that can show them love and care.

So I replied accordingly and then I got a following email below;

hello dear thanks for your reply and i am happy that you are willing to give my puppies a loving and a caring home my puppies are toilet train and vet check i promise you that they will give you the best companion the is no problem separating them .i am given them out because i don't have enough time to take care of them .i am located at Florida OK then if it is not possible for you to come i can arrange with the delivery agency here in Florida so that they can delivered the puppies at you home all i request from you now s the delivery fee to your home address and that will cost you
$400 for both and $250 for one.this is a very fast,efficient and reliable delivery agency we got here.It is an Advantage using an agency because the puppies documents will be changed to your names so that every document of the puppies will bear your names,Hence you will be the legal owner of the puppies as the courier is to do transfer of ownership certificates of pets before delivery Please promise me once more you will take good care of them like your own kid?
Please email me with the following so that I can register the puppies for shipping .
Full names..................
Home address................
post code.........................
Phone number.................

With These I will Get the puppies registered for flight immediately and the courier will contact you on how to make payment of the home delivery charges and Arrival time of the puppies.I will send the puppies alongside Pedigree And Health Certificates,Sample Food,4 and pet magazine for better understanding of the breed Thanks and waiting to read from you for home delivery to proceed

Now with this email, I got concerned with a few things. Why would I want a dog flown to me if Florida, OK is only about a 40 min drive from where I live. Also, when they were asking for information, they called it a Post Code (Short for Postal Code) which I have never heard anyone outside of the USA use this phrase, we all call it a Zip Code as far as I know.

So with that, I replied and told them that I could drive out and pick it up so I'm waiting to hear back. One thing I did want to mention is that they always seem to email me at 2am-6am which is kind of weird and when I goggled their email address, I found ads for dogs for sale in the UK.

So I'm not sure if this is all a mistake or if they are trying to pull some shit on me but they are getting nothing wired or paypal to them. I hope this is all true because the pics they sent me were awesome.

So what do you guys think?

Their email address:

And here are the pics, I want the gray one.








Nov 21, 2011
i'm looking for Huskey pups myself... I'll take them all.. lol


Dec 16, 2011
that first pic..... Demon puppy.

Oh and the email? Prolly a scam. I'd actually check with the local vet and see if they know of any reputable breeders.


Jan 21, 2012
St. Petersburg, Florida
Based on the broken English and inability to use a keyboard, I would say it is some sort of a scam. Tell them to go to high school.


Nov 20, 2011
Tampa Bay Area, FL
:dielaugh: It's probably VS trying to get payback for you being such a trouble maker on the OS :rotfl:

Definitely a scam though. :yes:


Nov 18, 2011
Offer to pick it up in person. If they are truly looking for a good home, they will agree to it. (Even if it's a neutral location) If they say no, you have your answer.


Nov 20, 2011
Me007gold said:
More then likley a scam, just don't send them any money. Deliver the money when/if you pick up the dog.

if they are for real they shouldn't mind waiting for the money for pup exchange.
IIRC the uk is about 6-7 hrs ahead of the US. hence the 2-6 am time frame on the e-mails.


Dec 4, 2011
Scam, if you can't find it before me I have seen a verified breeder list atleast for the Stl area with reviews for many of them maybe try searching around for something like that for your area. Huskies are a pretty popular dog and high demand atleast here, so I can definetly see someone scaming...pathetic


Dec 5, 2011
I would never buy a pet without first speeking to the owner/breeder and meeting the dog to get a feel for it's personality! I'd wan't ot know a whole lot more even without the BS emails you got.... Ask to "talk" to them rather than email, I bet they won't. Good luck in your search though!


Dec 6, 2011
You could also try searching the net for scams involving huskies. May show the same pictures your seeing.


Feb 3, 2012
I just brought home a new puppy today!! But anyways, I would say that Yes that is a scam. I have replied to so many e-mails like that and got no where. And Bo tie is always want to try and pick the puppy up, not just to make sure that it isn't a scam, but to make sure the puppy is from a clean home. See what the parents look like and so forth. Always make sure they have a health certificate and you can get the name of the vet they use so you can call and make sure the puppy has been healthy and given proper immunizations.

I just got home from a 5hr road trip to pick up my new puppy as I insisted I pick him up from his breeder.

Now I have 2 dogs... a 200lb saint bernard and a 1.5lb miniature pincher lol
Now he just needs a name :crazy:


Dec 2, 2011
See if you can find a local dog club of the breed you are looking for. They would probably know some of the better breeders. I actually got my golden retriever as a rescue, that might be another option.


Dec 3, 2011
Voymom said:
Now I have 2 dogs... a 200lb saint bernard and a 1.5lb miniature pincher lol

Saint Bernards look like they would be a lot of work :biggrin: Anytime I see one I am instantly reminded of

View attachment 19226

Congrats on the new addition.

Anyway back on-topic..... I would also insist on picking the dog up if at all possible.

Good luck!


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Dec 4, 2011
Me007gold said:
More then likley a scam, just don't send them any money. Deliver the money when/if you pick up the dog.

I was thinking the same thing. Just don't send cash or cc info

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