Any airbrush artists in my area??


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Aug 26, 2012
Looking for someone who would like to teach a few lessons and make some $$ on the side.

I took a few airbrush classes in my area before, but they just had me doing circles, dagger strokes, and different sized dots! They weren't interested in teaching anything more than that. :mad: I've also looked into going to an Art School, but their courses will take a few years to complete and I honestly don't want to get that advanced into it.

Anyhow, I'm trying to learn realistic flames, skulls, and "maybe" basic portraits. Having a personal tudor is a much better way for me to learn, as compared to watching online video's or DVD's. Just let me know how much you charge per hour. I'd probably require many of visit's, just to finally get the idea of it :smile:

I already have 4 airbrush guns, all hoses & attachments, an 8 gallon air compressor, paints, stencils, etc.

As a hobby, I currently paint parts for cars using professional paint/clearcoat, so I'm not a complete virgin at the idea of painting. I'd just like to increase my knowledge with airbrushing.

Attached photo's are some of the things I've painted already.
The last photo was for a guy that had a 2005 GTO. It was black with silver racing stripes, so I matched the paintjob on his LS2 intake manifold.


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