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Dec 5, 2011
My alternator has been falling a bit short lately on being able to keep battery charged up to start. Has anyone found a place that sells just replacement kits or upgrade kits? I know our part # is 15288860 and its 145 amps but I'm wanting to up it a bit to maybe 200. I've looked around some but the site I found with kits goes by different designations and lists options with different #'s like 17 SI 200A, 21 SI 240A and AD230 240A
Anyone know if these work?
site is here that I found those from:

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Aug 25, 2012
I'm not too sure if they would sell their parts but I went with an entire unit from when I put my system in my truck. If I could guarantee you that it would work out for you, I would sell you my diode pack from the first one I had from them. The first alt I got had the rear bearing blow apart and as a result the rotor was making contact with the stator. It doesn't look too gutted but it did rub a bit. The rotor is not in bad shape on it but the part where the brushes make contact with the rotor definitely need replacement since the rear most one is ground down very far.

Those kits for the alternator seem like a decent price for the parts but the quality is my concern. I like having my diode pack where the output section is all made of copper. Now I don't know if this would be a problem but I have seen several people have issues getting the stator in the housing as it is slightly larger than the stock size. They usually either have to try and machine it out perfectly to make it fit or get another housing that was cast for the bigger rotor. Again, I don't know if its a real problem for our alternator but just wanted to throw that out there for you.

edit: be forewarned that the front bearing is a real PITA to get out. At least from what I found on my aftermarket one. The stock one, idk if it is the same way but I imagine it would be. The front bearing has the casing folded over the edge of the bearing ever so slightly so you cannot pop the bearing out without cracking the case. You will need to use something like a dremel to route out the little lip over the inner edge of the front housing and push the bearing through from the front side to get it replaced. The one on the rotor stud is super easy to replace if you have a bearing puller. Just wanted to warn you about that before you crack the front housing and get in a big mess.
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