Aftermarket Aux 3.5 input to play MP3 for my Radio ?


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Jan 1, 2013
Looking for an aftermarket Radio adapter setup I can get to plug my Black Berry 3.5mm cable into and play music.
Going crazy using the search feature and searching the internet and still not sure which one would be best or work with my Radio.

2007 Envoy SLT .. Bose Radio with 6 disc changer, XM, Onstar.

Any and all suggestions and info is greatly appreciated, Thanks :thumbsup:


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Jan 1, 2013
willn513 said:
Article Submission: $3.00 Aux input via XM interface

Took me about 8 seconds to find. You're welcome.

Thanks :smile: I did find that and other options for gadgets that could be had.
Was looking for info from anyone who had installed anything different .. plug and play etc.
But, I re-read the $3 DIY aux input a few more times to let the info sink in.
Then, searched more on that type of DIY install and found a few other sites with more info.
One particular site has extensive Detailed info and close up Detailed pictures with about 10 pages of Q&A.
And more info on the problem some were having with buzzing/engine whining interference and the XM bleeding into the sound and mixing with the Aux music.
It explained why, and how to fix that.
Anyway, I found a spare XM harness, ordered the cat5 cable, and 3.5mm jack input etc
In the mean time I'll decide on a location to install the 3.5mm input jack.
Once I get everything, I'll assemble/solder the spare harness together and then be able to do a simple R&R of the original XM harness.

I'll report back when all this eventually happens .. good or bad :wink:


Jan 25, 2012
PAC audio makes a bunch of adapters. You can get them cheap on eBay. I'm using the AAI GM12 in my 07 Envoy but its a non Bose. I think they make a different one for the Bose version.


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Jan 1, 2013
Instrumental said:
So, how do you fix the XM bleed? Don't leave us hanging!

I started posting the info but it's late and I'm looking for the correct info


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Jan 1, 2013
Instrumental said:
So, how do you fix the XM bleed? Don't leave us hanging!

Since you posted the Original thread on this Forum you'll know from my short version what's happening :wink:$3-00-aux-input-via-xm-interface-1722/

Let's try this again.
There's a few reasons XM bleeds into the signal and or some people get buzzing or alternator whine.
Some had no problem at all no matter how they hooked it up.
But, the main reason for the XM bleeding into the signal with the 5 point Radio Shack 3.5 mm jack is when SPLICING all the wires from the 5 point Radio Shack 3.5 mm jack into the designated XM Harness wires.

The H wire needs to be SPLICED into to get a good Ground.

But SPLICING into the other 2 wires in the XM Harness will Blend the Aux device signal with the XM signal.
By only SPLICING into all XM Harness wires, the XM signal still goes straight into the radio.

So, those other 2 wires in the Harness need to be CUT!

The 5 point Radio Shack 3.5 mm jack is a switching jack and shuts off the XM signal when the Aux device is plugged into it.
But,.. it doesn't work if All the wires are SPLICED in the XM Harness.

To stop the XM bleeding into the Aux device signal, again, the other 2 XM Harness wires have to be CUT and the 2 & 3 wires and the 4 & 5 wires from the 5 point Radio Shack 3.5 mm jack need to be unwrapped and made single wires again.
Then each end of the CUT XM Harness wires has to be connected to it's designated wire respectively to the wires coming off the 5 point Radio Shack 3.5 mm jack to complete the circuit.

This way the XM signal goes Through the 5 point Radio Shack 3.5 mm jack, ... let's say, IN at point 2 and OUT at point 3, and the same for 4 & 5, .
Now, by Plugging the Aux device into the jack, it activates the switch and stops the XM signal at the 5 point Radio Shack 3.5 mm jack so only the Aux device input signal gets to the Radio.

If you want to listen to XM, unplug the Aux device and XM works like normal.

If someone doesn't care about XM, the 5 wires can be attached per your directions but you still have to CUT the other 2 wires in the Harness.
But now leave them cut and attach the 2 sets of wrapped wires coming off the 5 point Radio Shack 3.5 mm jack to the XM harness wires leading to the Radio and leave the other cut end of the wires in the Harness coming from the XM Module open, not attached to anything.

Also, If you don't care about XM, there's a 3 point Radio Shack 3.5 mm jack ( 274-249 ) that can be used to set it up that way and only need 3 wires.

As far as the buzzing and whine, again not everyone had this problem even when wired wrong ,but they changed the XM station until the buzzing went away.
Other buzzing came from certain I phones and the charging of the phone caused buzzing etc.
I'm not up on all the Phone info but it did vary and not every had that problem for whatever reason.

Hope this helps :smile:


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Jan 1, 2013

After reading the Instructional Link above and another one I found, I wired/soldered up my spare XM Module Harness.

Started with the Green and Brown, XM Harness wires connected together respectively end to end, in line with the 2 & 3 points and the 4 & 5 point wires coming from the Aux plug and installed the Harness.

The XM signal is supposed be cut off when a Aux device is plugged into it.
Unplugging the Aux device would/should then allowed the XM signal to work normal again.

But ... Contrary to my Post #8 above, no matter what I did, the XM was bleeding into the Aux music.
So I changed the wire locations and Spliced them in and that didn't help either.
Tried changing the XM station etc but No matter what, the XM signal would still bleed into the Aux music.

Not subscribed and didn't need or want the XM, but was trying to get it to work the way it should with the Aux plug.

At one point I tested it with the XM Antenna unplugged from the XM Module.
Now it works Great
with CD quality sound :wootwoot:

Hope this helps anyone thinking about doing this install :thumbsup:

c bausch

Jan 13, 2012
Hey i dont mean to beat a dead horse or do i?

I just did the xm delete mod and im getting crackling and acceleration buzzing , how do I fix it? Again i deleted the xm and did everything per instructions with the 5 pin 3.5 input . I have the Bose w/ cd changer . My only question that i was unsure of was the "H" ground nowhere did i see a simble saying h on my xm harness i and tied into a black w/ white stripe . Any help would be nice :crazy:


Mar 27, 2013

So I have a question about the engine noise. Some aux adapters (pay audio aai-gm12 for example) exhibit engine noise when you are using an audio source that is not being charged by the car battery. If I decided to do this $3 mod, would I have to have some kind of ground loop isolator?

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