aftermarket alarm / remote start help


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Jan 16, 2018
Howard Beach NY
ok , I got the truck with this alarm , its a Valet 561 or 562 I believe from DEI. it worked fine , then stopped working out of nowhere , hit the unlock button , lights flash twice but it doesn't unlock the door and no remote start , the relays in the car click and the dash lights up , just no crank. the relays also click while locking / unlocking , just doesn't actually lock

it started working again on its own , I chalked it up to a stupid fluke..... now it stopped again and I don't know where to start looking. I tried posting on the12volt forum and in 3 weeks the suggestion I got was to check the valet switch to see if its off.....

I don't want to pay a shop to look and tell me I owe the $50 for a 50 cent fuse...

I am pretty sure the bypass is working fine , if the truck in on and I hit the remote start button and remove the key the truck continues to run while I run in a store.

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