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FOR SALE afm delete/gm ecm programming for 2007-present

Discussion in 'For Sale: Engine & Drivetrain Parts/Components' started by Steve Griff, May 8, 2017.

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  1. Steve Griff

    Steve Griff New Member

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    I can delete your afm/dod on your 2007 and newer surburban, Tahoe, Yukon, trailblazer, sierra, Silverado, saab 97x, denali, ect..... I am charging $100. You will need to mail me your ecm

    I accept paypal, usps cashiers check, or cash

    respond to this ad and I can get you the mailing info. I've done over 100 of these mail in ecm orders through craigslist and have been referred to this site to help you guys out. I've done 40-50 engine rebuilds and afm hardware deletes and can help you guys with that too.
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