Adam's 2 Step Polish + Blackfire Crystal Seal


So in prep for my new 16 Camaro SS, and before I do my Z, I thought I would try some new products together on my 9-7x.
Started with a rinseless wash, Adam's, to clean the SUV.
Then, instead of using a clay bar, I used one of the Nanoskin towels. WOW! I will never, and i mean never use a clay bar again. That thing is amazing.
Then, I hit it with two rounds of polish using Adam's Two Step system. Light correction and then finish.
Then, Blackfire Crystal Seal. I had never used this before, but it is so easy to use. And the results of this process ... easiest detail of my life and this thing looks awesome ... can't wait to do my Z and the SS (when it gets here)



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Looks great!

I bought one of those nanoskin mitts a few months ago but haven't tried it yet. I last detailed my Envoy back in Feb. and the only reason I used a standard clayabar was simply because I forgot that I had the Eagle 1 Clay Mitt in my other detailing bag. The wife's car is getting done later this week and I will put the Eagle 1 Mitt on top of the container of Adams' Car Shampoo. Can't forget to use it then...

Adams' products are very good. My current favorites are their Guard-n-Gloss and Patriot Wax. I first tried the guard and gloss in a small container to just test it out. I ended up liking it so much, that I went and bought the gallon container of it as soon as I was getting low.
For polishing though, I like to use Menzerna for removing scratches/swirls. It's a bit expensive, but the results are outstanding. I've been using both Adams and Menzerna for about 4-5 years now. Love them!

For a quick wax (on a clean surface), I like to use Chemical Guys Instawax. Gives a really nice shine with very little effort.

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