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Aug 26, 2012
Hello to all of you! I dropped a reply here, and one or two on the OS but think it better to start here.

I have an 03 TB I picked up new. remember the day, my brother was disabled from EDS, so had an employee discount, GM card cash, and a batch of rebates. ( OnStar, Military, repeat customer) came to almost 10k off the sticker. I also rode my bicycle to pick er up. The dealer was Heritage Chevrolet, and i started picking off the letters from the dealer ad on the back, so now it reads Rita Chev.

this was my daily till late 09, when I picked up a Jetta TDI wagon which now is coming up to 90k. (gas was $4 and the 40+mpg looked pretty good and still does)

Rita gets used for ski trips and visits in the snow, and to haul vacation stuff to the beach. I have a rack and box for the top, and have been seen with my 17ft canoe on the top.

It has gone through several windshields (one from a basketball goal not tied down well enough) and a rebuilt trans at 104k. I blame the folks at the local cheapo tire place who I took her to for a trans fluid change around 60k. the place was a mess and I should have known better. they also hosed up my wheels (imagine moving wheel weights with a hammer around the wheel). also had dealer do brakes and hub bearings over the years, and a spark coil or two.

this spring the CEL came on, and I cleverly used On Star for diagnostics. topped off the coolant and replaced the thermostat when I got home. (removed the alternator)

over the 4th of July, the water pump quit (of course, we were 500 miles from home) local garage charged $500. the AC was getting flaky on this trip too, and it still does not like it to be over 100 and/or sit in traffic if it is much over 90.

since then, I changed the shocks and struts ( Monroe with the springs) sway bar end links, tie rod inner and outer, fan clutch, hub bearings, front and rear brakes incl disks, I added a bit to my tool collection, and to tell the truth, enjoy working on it.

just before the beach trip, the gas pump went and in fact leaked gas all over the metal recycling place when I dropped off the old disks (they were not too happy about gas on the floor) since I needed it in a couple days, and had just filled the tank, I had AAA tow it to the dealer, thinking perhaps they would go part way on the cost. no such luck. was not registered in snow belt, was too old. too late..yadda yadda... after trying to talk me into a new drive shaft so it would be easier to reach the gas lines, (and it looked rusty!) I had them change the pump, filter and a few lines they cracked on the way. (that was around $1800 by the way, including tax and whatever)

Glad to see you here having fun, and i have enjoyed and made use of photos and videos posted here and there. I am not really sure the fan clutch was bad, and the AC still is a little flaky when very hot.

I plan to clean the TB as soon as it cools off a bit, and have my eye on corroded trans cooler lines. it rides pretty nice now. guess I can keep her a few more years.


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Aug 26, 2012
Wooluf1952 said:
:tiphat: Welcome:tiphat:

In case you haven't heard:

A new drive shaft to replace the fuel lines? :confused:

That is what I said.

If you were to take off the shaft it probably would be easier to reach the top of the fuel tank to get wires and lines off. he wanted $900 and a four day wait for parts. tried to tell me he would remove the U joints to get access to the tank anyway. I told him not to touch the shaft.

It does look rusty, and there is some rust here and there on the structure, but the thing runs fine and the only posts I could find related to drive shafts were folks who went off road, or souped up a V8 and abused the drive train. I figure if it was subject to rust failure, there would be some folks whining here or there.

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Nov 20, 2011
welcome :tiphat:

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May 22, 2012
Wrlcome to GMTNation!


Dec 5, 2011
Welcome! Story like that is the reason I try to do must of my own work on anything.


Dec 6, 2011
welcome over !!

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