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    What the Lockdown in Paris looks like

    Last saturday pictures from Paris
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    What the Lockdown in Paris looks like

    hello, it's true, they use high-speed trains to hospitalize patients from the northeast to the southern regions where there are fewer patients. the peak of the epidemic is not yet reached, the number of deaths is doubled every day. It's a disaster. above all stay well confined in your houses and...
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    How many miles have you got on your GMT

    I like this truck so much!
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    WANTED CB Radio

    I know that in the United States they still use a lot this system . I think that it will be easier for me to find a good opportunity. But I also have to take into account the transport costs towards France Thank you for your help
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    WANTED CB Radio

    I look for rather the models president Georges, HR2600 or GREAT STAR 3900 HPEF because they are very reliable and powerful. But they are former(old) and become difficult to find in France. Little of opportunities(occasions) here are very expensive. My former(old) post breaks down and even with...
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    WANTED CB Radio

    hi! thanks a lot .75 w is very good . i not realy need 80 w. how much did you sell it?
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    This the last Frenchy's création

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    This the last Frenchy's création

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    Another 4L60E Down: P1870, Hard 1-2 Shift, What should I do?

    thanks to the advice of my friend, I managed to replace the valve, I took the time to read and translate the documents. it was not easy but everything works very well. thank you Mooseman
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    How are the Acadia's holding up?

    yes, in France, the weather conditions are not as harsh, and technical controls do not accept rust, so every year I pass a product of protection. my truck is washed regularly especially below. I'm also lucky to have a very good quality that gives me no pronleme
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    me too, I still used the instructions, with the drawings that help a lot as well as my friend's forum and the videos online. it was a big challenge for me and a first and I am very happy to have managed
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Today i repare my automation transmission. If Mosseman can explain to you what was the problem
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    What are you doing today?

    Go to restaurant with my family for my birthday!

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