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    Shop Vac closes shop

    On three separate occasions in the last year...BOTH of my Shop-Vacs failed me. During the AK Bee Debacle... I decided to get the 4 Gallon size version of the Stanley Stainless Steel Wet Or Dry Vacuum System because they also made Strong and Durable High Full Volume Vacuum Liner Bags that would...
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    Transmission removal inspection repair install

    With the strongest possible emphasis in this suggestion... This is a Very Worthwhile and quite unique "POV" 4L60E Tear-Down and Rebuild Video for you to watch because it is just Chock FULL of the Pro's Tips AND Cautionary Recommendations that are well worth checking out ...even now... at this...
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    What are you doing today?

    If you had to "Get Physical" when you were attempting to unwind the Fitting and perhaps 'Pounded" with anything on the Top of the HWH... Some Mild Steel Rust and micro-flakes of Calcium Carbonate could have dislodged like a Cloud of Particles floating down and into the Filled Tank, staying in...
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    Using After-Market Shackles to LEVEL the Silverado Truck Bed

    This is just the "Opening Salvo" on the Procedures and After-Market Parts needed to "unhinge" the Tail End Leaf Springs from their OEM Mounts and attempt to lower them either 2" or 4" so that the "Guppy Pond" that has been flourishing ..."Rain or Shine"...(Mostly RAIN) towards the Cabin side...
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    97X 5.3 clunk and jerk while making sharp left turn

    This may turn out to become “The Best Possible Answer… and Repair Solution” :>) Saab TSB 07-04-17-001C
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    SOLVED! HydroBUST(ed); or, how to R&R yours

    I'm very sorry that such a Labor Intensive Repair has gone sideways for you. Anyone who has had to R&R any Rack & Pinion Steering Unit ...cringed upon reading this. The link below contains more precise information of how much force is nominal for a wide range of Hydraulic Flare and Compression...
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    Another crank but no start

    Welcome to GMT Nation... Check the Ground Bonding Wire at the G-107 location on the Engine Block. There are Three Potential "Power Drains" sharing G-107 as a Common Ground and so they can affect one another by G-107 being either loose or corroded as per these Diagrams: (1) Left Side Turn...
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    NEED HELP Cylinder Head and timing chain headaches.

    I had the chance to Zoom in and peek down into the image of the Engine Head Bolt Hole you posted, but was unable to make 'Ass, Heads or Tails' out of what is going on down inside of that space: Is there any chance that you can take a few more close-up images with more clarity? And while you...
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    NEED HELP Cylinder Head and timing chain headaches.

    Ah....Sorry... you caught me in mid-sentence. Your questions have all been succinct... but have required complete explanations from my side because everything about this job is fraught with complications and.... and much outlay and expense. How do you think I got here? :>) Very Smart Move...
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    NEED HELP Cylinder Head and timing chain headaches.

    Sorry... But there is No Such Thing as a "Time Sert Crescent Wrench..." Each Time Sert Kit has ONE SPECIFIC SET OF TOOLS IN ONE METRIC OD AND THREAD COUNT SIZE and DEPTH. These... as you can see from the provided images and Videos... need to include following items ffor Each Unique Stripped...
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    NEED HELP Cylinder Head and timing chain headaches.

    Using the Proper M11 X 2.00 X 30mm Thread Line Dimensions inside of the Atlas Vortec LL8 4200 Engine is Absolutely Necessary. You can NOT Mix-N-Match the Thread Pitch from Coarse (2.00) to Fine (1.50). Putting in the Wrong Sized 'Serts' would cause the Time Sert System Repair to FAIL. *** If...
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    NEED HELP Cylinder Head and timing chain headaches.

    Okay... THIS is a MUCH Better Deal on the Time-Sert Part# 4001 COMPLETE Kit Used Only ONCE to repair the Engine Block in an Envoy AND it comes with the Laminated Instruction Instruction Sheet, The Time Sert OEM Black Plastic Blow Molded Case and (12) M11 X 2.00 X 30mm Serts ...ALL for $275.00...
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    Flushing the cooling system

    This is arguably the Best "How To Flush the Heater Core" Video around (and the Content Creator is ALSO a GMT Nation Member... which IS Pretty Damned Cool...": One thing worth researching is the possibility of creating unexpected conditions by experimenting with Chemical Cleaners that may have...
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    What are you doing today?

    @Blckshdw... The Problem we're fighting against down here in Florida is that there is just Way TOO much natural Calcium Carbonate dissolved into our underground Fresh Water Aquifer. Thanks to my laziness being the reason for so many Water Heaters coming and going from the two homes I've owned...
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    NEED HELP Cylinder Head and timing chain headaches.

    You do NOT need to Scrap the Engine Block if you use the TIME-SERT Repair System and a Threaded M11 X 2.00 X 30mm Steel Cylinder to Replace the Damaged Aluminum Hole inside of the Engine Block: View THIS Photo Album Linked below at my "Flickr-Bucket" to view EXACTLY how this can be done on the...

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