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    Uneven brake pad wear

    There are a lot of misconceptions about precisely where to apply the Silicone Brake Grease whenever performing Brake Jobs. Eric "O" from SMA (South Main Auto) puts on a Genuine Brake Job Clinic that covers what is arguably THE BEST Possible Advice any Mechanic performing Brake Jobs can have...
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    NEED HELP Head lights went out

    Probable Culprit? Solid State Relay. Check out this Video from around 2:40 onward. This entire Video is a decent Primer on this Problem as the VOP (Video Original Poster) provides a CAUTION against using ordinary Solenoid Style Relays... lest the vehicle owner wind up accidentally 'Cooking the...
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    How to repair a broken seat.

    (1) Visit THIS Link to get the Basics of MIG Welder Settings. Remember this… MIG Welding with NON-SHIELD GAS using Flux-Core Welding Wire demands an Electro-Negative Polarity arrangement. This means that the Wire coming out of the Gun GROUNDS to the Work Piece during this process... NOT the...
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    3D Printer Files: 2011 LB Silverado and 6L80E Transmission

    For CAD Designers and 3D Modelers with an interest in GM Products:
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    A Technical Paper on VVT-CAS

    This is well researched technical paper on GM's Variable Valve Timing Strategies. There always seems to be more to learn about this topic:
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    What came in your mail today?

    This Item came today courtesy an Extremely Generous Offer from @hockeyman as a BNIB (Brand New In Box) ACDelco-Delphi Radio-CD meant for a 2003 GMC Envoy... even before my money has had the chance to reach him via a Letter in the U. S. Mail. So... Thanks Marc... For the Trust ... For a Great...
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    Tool Talk

    The simplicity of @Matt 's Original Idea for "How to Remove the Fan-Clutch from the GM 4.2L Engines" USING a Length of Chain came to mind when I saw THIS Tool on eBay:
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    SOLVED! P0017 Assistance

    Very Glad that you managed to fix this problem before any Valve-to-Piston Clearance issues caused any damage to the Motor... As a Footnote to emphasize the Correct Diagnostic Approach suggested by @TJBaker57 in Post #14 for "Crankshaft-Camshaft Correlation" ... These images clarify the...
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    Water Damage

    Lower the Volume in advance of playing this Video:
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    HDM & Cooling Fan Module Operation

    Amplifying on @budwich 's information in Post #2: This attached PDF is a combination White Paper and U. S. Patent Application that discusses the Industry Wide accepted principles of "Fixed Frequency - Fixed Duration" for controlling numerous DC Circuits versus the present PWM (Pulse Width...
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    NEED HELP BCM not working with engine transplant

    Forgot to add in THIS helpful and instructive TECH2PATHS.pdf file for the OP or for anyone else lucky enough to own a Tech 2 ...and not know that they are holding "The Keys to GM Kingdom" in their hands least up to around the Year 2013:
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    2002 chevy trailblazer bose amp assy 4240 gmt360 wire diagram

    This link might be helpful... Este enlace puede ser útil...
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    Any good places to get replacement carpet?

    The information you seek is "covered" in the links below... ;>)
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    Therapy for the GM Mechanic's Mind: From Rust to Running 1950s Chevrolet Truck

    Ahhh... But LOOK at that Iconic Piece of 'Mobile Americana' in your hand, Brother. Priceless!
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    Rear end popping

    If it isn't too much of a bother...take some well lit images of the areas on and around the damaged bracket. Ideas like using an Oxy-MAPP Gas Mini-Torch Kit to burn out the inner bracket Fastener and then just use a Bolt and Locking Nut Combo to sort it out comes to mind. These are fairly...
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