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    What are you towing with yours ????

    Picked this baby up today. 3 hour drive home. It has a dry weight 5334# and the Saab handled well but with a max loaded of 7500#, it will be underpowered, which is why I'm looking for a replacement truck.
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    RPM Spikes?

    I agree with everybody. Sounds like the tranny is slipping if RPM's are increasing but the the speed isn't affected. You changed your filter and fluid. What did it look like before the change? Have you tried manually shifting it? What does it do going through the gears? Even if the TCC is...
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    Tesla Tru... What?

    Maybe I'm just old fashioned but I just can't stand that styling.
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    Fuel (pump) for discussion

    Certainly an interesting project. But I wonder if this would be a case of "If it ain't broke...". One video I watched from Eric the Car Guy was "Don't modify your daily driver", or the way I interpret it, "Don't f*ck with it if you need it to be reliable". I went through this with my '02 and...
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    ISO a single rim

    :hopeless: Have you tried I could possibly find one at Kenny but the shipping would be horrendous.
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    new exhaust manifold dreaded tick tick

    Maybe try Dorman. Their name, at least for hard parts, is better and may have a better warranty. Or they might all be made in the same Chinese factory using the same slag.
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    2003 Trailblazer Passlock reset

    If you replaced the PCM, you will likely get a code that will also require a CASE relearn. Unfortunately, that requires a scanner able to to this or a Tech 2.
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    Word Association Game II

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    SOLVED! Another crank but no start

    Apparently ACDelco improved the ignition switch with better contacts to prevent the pitting. IIRC, it can be identified with the grey cover.
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Got the Saab ready to tow the new trailer home tomorrow. Cleaned it out a bit and also noticed that the left front parking light was out. Change the bulb, nada. I had replaced this socket before and I had soldered and heat shrinked the wires. Well tug on them and it corroded under the heat...
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    Word Association Game II

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    What are you doing today?

    Last year, I had bought a used steel building to use as a garage. It came with the original instructions and building plans. Still working on getting the concrete pad done by a contractor. Went to the city to get a permit and they rejected the original plans because they were certified under...
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    First time with HP Tuners, seeking advice for getting started

    How timely. I'm also planning on getting it for myself for my fleet as well as do a side hustle of disabling DOD/AFM and other minor mods to tunes. The way I understand it (@limequat can confirm) is that the speedo/gearing can't be changed using HPT however, it may be changeable by...
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    Albino Moose @ 1:54 into this 'Amazing Animal Encounters' YT Video...

    Ah yes, that'd be Walter (White). He's a bit of a loner. And there was also Grandpa. He doesn't care if he's going slow in the fast lane :laugh:
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    The COVID escape room

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