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    P0705 "Trans Range Switch Circuit"

    The park/neutral switch also contains the trans range switch. The trs has 4 circuits and depending on where the selector shaft is, it will ground the appropriate circuits. Since there's 4 circuits each with 2 possible values, there are many different combinations. If the pcm sees an invalid...
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    NEED HELP 97 Cheyenne: 4 wire trailer brake stolen, truck will not start 5.0 w/700R4

    My card is up to 2011 but I've lied to it and have been able to read some 12/13's. Maybe it will work the same in reverse. Tell the tech2 it's a 2000 and see what you got. And I'm with sparky the only relation between the trailer and the no start would be if power was sourced from the column...
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    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    So SAIS is ruled out. Is the pcm at the latest calibration? I've yet to see fuel delivery cause a p0171 in these trucks but that doesn't mean it isn't possible. Since it's passed vac leak test multiple times, it might be the next step (assuming pcm cal is the latest and greatest). Testing fuel...
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    What are you doing today?

    Today I had the chance to use one of the gm data bus splice packs. 05 astro with no communication with any module. Popped the shorting bar, jumped pcm to dlc, and presto we have contact! Not sure if I'll get to see this one through since the shop that I work at is scared of things like this but...
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    Would you drive through this?

    Exactly. We got enough rain locally that some roads collapsed (ours did not) and there's no way to tell until it's too late. I'm sure I'm going to get this kind of flack when I go back to work on Monday LOL A comparable size SUV with a blue oval on the front.:lipsrsealed: A lot less time...
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    Would you drive through this?

    No sir I sat this one out. I told my neighbor "I can miss work and have to pay for a tow, or just miss work". That neighbor said fuck it and missed work, and paid for a tow, and got charged with accident causing property damage.
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    Would you drive through this?

    This morning the only entrance/exit to my neighborhood looked like this. Based on the water levels on the vehicles that tried to make it, it was at least 18" (although over 24" is possible). While the tow trucks were busy unsticking cars, and neighbors were talking about the situation, a state...
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    Back to bad MPG heat range causing it?

    I was in the same boat and got mine from amazon. There's a 67415 (fits 02-04) on amazon right now for under $160/shipped. Advanced wanted over 3 bills. Also worth noting, I've been having such good luck with delphi pumps that I'm going to use theirs for my wifes Tahoe. Are the codes you're...
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    Back to bad MPG heat range causing it?

    Those stupid canister clips break all the time, a ziptie is a great substitute. It's hard to describe how to situate it so the evap line stays on but it sounds like you have some technical skills so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. For the fuel sender I would try to get to the fuel pump...
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    I think my starter went out, tips on R&R welcome.

    Mine just crapped out a couple weeks ago. I went in through the top and it wasn't too bad. I couldn't see the top bolt at any point until it was out. Also the vac line to the booster has to come off.
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    Aftermarket radio wiring

    One thing worth noting, there is no "switched 12v wire" in the oem radio harness that typically connects to the aftermarket radios red wire. The fancy adapter also provides this connection. But there are several other places where this signal can be found, I used the thick pink wire in the...
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    Front brake seal question

    The front hub/bearing assemblies are sealed.
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    WTF is THAT Sound in the Background....?

    It did sound like a whisper. I'm terrible at decoding things though. Also you reminded me that the wife is ascared of them ouija boards. Maybe the whisper was telling me to exploit her fear of them.
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    2004 TB Cranks but no start help..

    I'd pull the ignition switch out, put the key in run, and roll the ignition switch dial through acc-run-start and see what you got. This would verify that the switch isn't sticking (leaving only the cylinder as the cause), and we'd know if there was power after going from crank to run. In some...
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    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    This video has some good info on the sais and has some o2/fuel trim tidbits.
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