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    SUPPORT Signature BB Code Broken

    Can you elaborate?
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    SUPPORT Signature BB Code Broken

    I have added a spoiler to my signature without any issue. If you continue to have the problem, I'll check your user permissions.
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    SUPPORT Signature BB Code Broken

    I've noticed lately that the go-to problem is ad blocking software breaking scripts. Is there any chance of that here?
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    SUPPORT Signature BB Code Broken

    How long has this been going on? We have not performed any updates or made any changes lately, so it's odd that it would just pop up like this.
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    Radar & Laser Detection

    I've had a radar/laser detector installed in every vehicle I've owned for the better part of two decades now. Recently, I decided to sell my (high-end) radar detector and just throw in the towel. While they tend to be very effective in radar defense, they are, and have been, totally useless for...
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    Banned or Invisible TrailVoy Members- Check in and tell us why

    How is Bill? I'm so far removed from things, I don't know what most of you are doing these days. As for VS, I think they tried to reach out to me to buy this site not too long ago, it was just a very odd experience. I guess someone who doesn't know the history took the reigns of the...
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    Banned or Invisible TrailVoy Members- Check in and tell us why

    Wow, they are still running a version of vBulletin for which support was discontinued YEARS ago. That software currently hosts so many un-patched exploits and is a decade behind in web technologies and features... Are people/staff even active over there? I haven't gone there in many years.
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    SUPPORT Email Issues

    Email issues should be resolved. We've made some improvements in an attempt to prevent our outgoing email being flagged as spam with some email providers. We've also implemented an "Unsubscribe" function for those who don't want to received emails from our system any longer. Let us know if you...
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    SUPPORT Email Issues

    We've been experiencing issues sending email for the past 24-48 hours. We're working with our providers to get the problem resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    eBay Listing 2007 TrailBlazer SS- 83k

    Not a bad deal for the low mileage and condition of the vehicle...
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    Unable to upload files

    Sorry guys, there was a problem with the server yesterday and when the host was troubleshooting, they changed a setting that I was not aware they changed. It should be working as expected now.
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    SUPPORT Anybody else have issues uploading pics?

    That's not always the case, if the file is too large for the server to upload and handle (file size limits), then it can't even process some images that are too large. Otherwise, I don't see any issues with uploading.
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    SUPPORT "Site not Secure" message on Chrome Browser

    The SSL certificate has been updated.
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    SUPPORT Edit feature

    Members have 24 hours, Silver has 7 days, Gold has 14 days, Platinum and Lifetime VIP are indefinite.
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    SUPPORT Edit feature

    As part of the upgrade and subscription changes, editing is a perk for supporting members. There will be a 30 minute grace for non-supporting members, but there will be no editing after that. I haven't had a chance to get all of the features rounded up in a presentable format yet, so sorry for...

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