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    Differential cover

    This is the one I used instead of the factory plug. $1.99.
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    Differential cover

    I bought a hex plug from the local Princess Auto to replace that silly 3/8" square hole plug, and a new factory cover. It came with new bolts and gasket, for about $30. WAY less than an aftermarket cover, plus studies have show that factory covers flow fluid way better than aftermarket ones...
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    Video: What are accessories worth in HP?

    Reminds me of a project that we did as competitive pistol shooters many years ago. We took every 1911 accessory available and added up all the claims for recoil reduction. We concluded that, if you installed all this junk, your pistol would recoil downwards and would fly toward the target with...
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    Best exhaust system, muffler resonator tailpipe

    True. I guess I should have added "quiet" as well.
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    Best exhaust system, muffler resonator tailpipe

    Northeastern Exhaust is made in China. Based on reviews, it seems to be good stainless steel (non-magnetic; unlike the Walker SS) but hangers and gaskets seem to be cobbled on without exact placements, so there may be installation problems. If it was me, I would certainly give it a try. Let us...
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    Trailblazer remote/alarm issue

    As far as the key setting off the alarm, this is common. Cool as ice is correct. You can replace the door lock actuator, and this will fix it. It is a fiddly repair, but straightforward.
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    Help with intermittent ABS issue

    Most Innova scan tools now have ABS codes. I also use the BlueDriver and like it. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get those trouble codes. Wheel speed sensors are a common problem, but the important thing to remember is that the code is NOT the cause; it shows the symptoms...
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    Broken outer tie rod end

    You can even get EXACT toe-in using two straight edges and two tape measures. It takes lots of fiddling and adjusting an 1/8th of a turn at a time, but you can duplicate the computer in your driveway. I used aluminum U-channel about 4 feet long from Home Depot, bungee-corded to the wheel near...
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    Torque for iOS

    The actual Torque app that everyone is familiar with is from Ian Hawkins. As far as I can tell, all those other apps on the app store are fakes, ripoffs or just trying to cash in on the Torque name. As far as I know, Ian Hawkins has not released an iOS version. (Hope I'm wrong though!)
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    Slow crank no start

    Just one more thing to eliminate. Did you check to make sure there is oil in the engine? You said you had a recent oil change. It actually sounds more like the engine is seized.
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    Fuel Trim Questions

    Easy to tell if it's been replaced. The factory cord has a round sensor near the male end.
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    Fuel Trim Questions

    Can you also let us know the coolant temperature when warm? This can tell us if the thermostat is sticking open. This will definitely affect your long term FT. The other issue with Silverados at those temperatures is the block heater. Are you plugging it in? If so, has the block heater or block...
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    What Are The Best Brake Pads? Cheap vs Expensive Tested!

    I agree with you entirely. We pride ourselves on being enthusiasts in this forum. It doesn't mean we don't see the figurative "orange peel." It means we share information to keep our vehicles running good, solve problems and customize the ride, performance, enjoyment and looks. We don't duck the...
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    What Are The Best Brake Pads? Cheap vs Expensive Tested!

    In my opinion, there is far more to brake pads than simply how long they last. Fleet pads designed for long service life would be a poor choice for most of us because we also want stopping power and good brake feel. This is where the huge difference is. Better pads provide better stopping power...
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    Replacing Pads & Rotors, Front & Rear

    I am going to try the new Raybestos Element 3 pads. With new calipers and rotors, I will be able to compare them back-to-back with the Akebono ProAct pads. The Akebono are fine, and give the OEM feel, but I just find them a little soft for pedal feel. Initial bite is good, which is what I...

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