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    What is the rear wheel speed sensor?

    A broken wire at the wheel speed sensor would also cause a 4WD trouble code. This is common because the wiring is in a vulnerable spot under the truck. (Ask me how I know.) A simple way to eliminate a broken wire or bad sensor is to shift into A4WD. If it starts to crow-hop right away...
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    Low coolant temperature

    Change the sensor while you are there. It's not that much more work, as they are side-by-side. In my experience, your symptoms point more toward the sensor. When I had your same symptoms, I changed just the sensor first just so I could report back to this forum. I was right, and didn't end up...
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    It irritates me too, especially when there is no one there to tell the actor not to take the plastic replica and 'toss' it in the air in some misplaced idea of what recoil should look like. I am not sure I would label it "safer" however, when hundreds of thousands of movies have been made safely...
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    Alignment needed after replacing struts?

    Only toe adjustment after changing the tie rod ends. It takes two tape measures, two pieces of stiff aluminum tubing and lots of fine adjustments under the truck.
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    The crew was target shooting in the desert that morning. The armorer is also a cowboy action shooter who competes in fast-draw contests so my guess is she likes to show off a lot. She forgot to unload her gun; the 1st AD grabbed it off the table because he was in a hurry and told Baldwin it was...
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    Productions that don't want to pay the cost of hiring a professional, are going to be SHOCKED at the cost of hiring an amateur. In this case, jail time and $millions. I always say that amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can't get it wrong. If people...
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    The difference between what happened with Brandon Lee and what happened with Halyna Hutchins was that with Brandon Lee, the production was at fault for sending the firearms expert home early because there was only one more gunshot to go, and the props assistant could handle it for the final two...
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    How many safety rules can three people break at any one time? - The person responsible for the safety of all cast and crew grabbed a gun off a table without checking it. - An actor took his word that it was unloaded. It wasn't. - Most serious, the armorer who's job it was to keep everyone safe...
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    Low coolant temperature

    Bad thermostat or bad coolant temperature sensor. Hard to tell which sometimes, so you should change them both. It has been my experience that temps consistently low for weeks is thermostat, and temps that rise and fall on the highway are temp sensor.
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    rear suspension rebuild -- is a snazzy panhard bar the only option?

    As a handling guru, let me weigh in on rear sway bars. Off-roaders like to take them off or disconnect them temporarily. But for 100% street driving, and especially cornering, I would not recommend disconnecting the rear bar unless one continues to drive at way below the limits of the vehicle...
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    NEED HELP fuel smell—-I changed almost everything

    I had my pump replaced last year because of the fuel smell from rotted lines. I bought all new lines, new fuel pump and a new lock ring in anticipation, and I was correct. It is hard (if not impossible) to replace old lines without destroying the lines on the pump. I also had to get a new tank...
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    SOLVED! Crankshaft Position Variation Relearn issues

    Silly question, but did you have the park brake on while attempting the test? If not, this can inhibit the results. Ask me how I know.
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    Battery replacement. Will this help?

    That won't work because the cigarette lighter is only an output, not an input port. The most it will accomplish is to try to charge whatever battery you have hooked to it. You can try a plug from a 12v source to your OBD connector. It might work.
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    WANTED Prop Rod Support

    I replaced my prop rod with hood struts many years ago. Still working fine after all these years.
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    Rear G80 fill plug replacement?

    1/2" NPT stainless plug with hex head. $4. I got mine at Princess Auto. (Similar to Harbor Freight.)
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