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    Internal Torx size for headlamp adjusters.

    Don't bother with the torx. Save your money and use a 12-point 1/4" socket. Works perfect and you probably already have one in your tool kit. I would also highly recommend you rethink the LED headlights. You are going to hate them, and - trust me on this one - every driver coming toward you at...
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    SOLVED! Envoy will not start after a fan clutch and water pump exchange

    If the battery is a day old, then it is highly likely it wasn't connected properly. Those side mounts are a bit tricky and with the plastic housing around the cable, it is real easy to think they are tightened down when they are not. Either that, or the battery is defective or was sold to you...
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    NEED HELP Warning lights and stuck key

    We always like to start at the likeliest and cheapest end of the spectrum, and work our way up. Battery. Get it load tested. Ignition switch, is HUGE suspect. Change it with a new AC Delco. Cheapest, easiest and likeliest. And find a new auto parts supply store. :)
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    NEED HELP Warning lights and stuck key

    The charging system is designed that way. In colder temps, it won't come up at full charge for a few seconds.
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    NEED HELP Warning lights and stuck key

    Battery is your first suspect. Have it load tested. After that, the charging system. Our platforms depend heavily on a good battery.
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    does ignition switch cause transmission problems?

    Best to start a new thread, with your symptoms and codes. Have you load-tested your battery? Key stuck is usually a battery problem. These platforms are heavily dependant on a good battery.
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    NEED HELP Wet Coil Pack on CL#06

    I just used weatherstrpping under the rubber seal, just to expand it a bit. Keeps a neat and factory look. (That is also what the GM TSB calls for.)
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    Cranks but won't start

    That's the ground for the EBCM. If you get a Service ABS System warning and a code for loss of communication with the brake module, this is usually the cause of it. Clean up the area with a whiz wheel, install a new bolt and nut and coat the shiny areas with rubber undercoating.
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    Craigslist morons

    Premium chrome wheels that look like painted black factory alloys? What's not to like.
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    NEED HELP Wet Coil Pack on CL#06

    There are many instances of misfires suddenly appearing after a plug change. What happens is that the coil pack is not inserted properly on the spark plug. (Easy to do, and it is hard to tell when it is properly inserted.) The coil pack then fails in short order. I would re-insert each coil...
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    Horses for courses. A Ferrari can go off road, but not very well. A DOHC straight six Trailblazer can handle a road race track quite well - surprisingly well - (I have done it many times, with some simple mods for better handling balance) but it can't keep up with a Ferrari. Pistols for short...
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    suggestion on aftermarket fogs and placement

    I have two PIAA LP530 fog lights mounted on a Westin light bar. Pricey but excellent quality. The LP530 is a 9-watt LED light and because of its low power consumption, I can simply wire them in to the existing fog lights and they all come on with the same switch. At only 9-watts per light, no...
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    GM Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Vortec V8 Engine

    LOL. Love the gif cornchip. I spent three months with the "Better Call Saul" guy last fall, and the action movie he was in, will be in theatres the end of Feb 2021. When you watch it - assuming we can all get back into theatres in 2021 - think of me. By the way, Bob Odenkirk is a super nice guy.
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    speaker questions (2)

    I agree with my friend TW. They sound different when mounted for sure. They also sound different when mounted and the panel reinstalled. When I did mine, I got some of the replacement rubber adhesive and resealed all the plastic before I reinstalled the door panel. Made a difference.
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    speaker questions (2)

    Assuming you don't have Bose or Onstar, they will be fine. The fronts take 6 1/2-inch speakers, and the rears are 6 3/4-inch. (Many 6 1/2-inch also fit 6 3/4-inch mounting plates.) Crutchfield says those Pioneers fit front only, but if you got one mounted, it will be fine. 4 ohms vs 8 ohms will...
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