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    Replacement Engine Suppliers? 2002 Envoy SLT

    Dont know these people but this is a pretty good deal on a bolt in motor w only 89k and some semblance of a warranty. Plus a phone number which always comes in handy. They have a rebuilt 1 also...... Lot of them on ebay but im sure most are just junkyard removals w no known history...
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    Radiators V8-I6

    Weird......I got 1 on Graigslist the guy said he bought and never used. I guess he never used it cus when he bought it they gave him the 8cyl instead of the 6 and it wouldnt have fit. I thought it was for a 6 but it looked just like mine so i picked it up......but after i got home i looked it...
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    Radiators V8-I6

    I6 Part number 21505---15196385 V8--21506 ---15196386 Ive got 1 of each, hold them side by side and I dont see a difference......Am I missing something or ?????
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    Jack slipped! Humbling: PSA

    You have to be VERY careful when using wood to help out a jack. Some of this wood out there today will split under the slightest pressure. I had picked up some 1ft pieces of 4x4 that someone had discarded after putting up a fence. put them between the jack and the frame and they split on the...
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    Do car auctions usually have auto locksmiths hanging around?

    Copart is different from other auto auctions in that most of their cars are from insurance companies that totaled or salvaged titled them. In that process they may have been to several towing company lots, repair shops, etc . Its not unusual at all to not have the keys for these cars.....and...
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    How firm are the Bilstein HDs?

    Mine are nothing close to harsh. More like riding in a limousine! And believe me if the roads where you live were worse than Louisiana roads they'd be I got them from Rock Auto for $67.79 each, used the Monroe mount kits for $19 for a total w shipping of $212 I used...
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    How firm are the Bilstein HDs?

    Just put the blue and yellows on my 03 V-8 and it drives a good as any brand new car Ive ever driven. stuck with original springs. we got some crappy roads and it it feels great. havent done a lot of highway miles but like i said drives like a brand new car.
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    I might be wasting my time altogether as I believe the motor may be worn more than it appears. I think it got somewhat reasonable oil changes but probably with elcheapo oil and filters. The 1 thing that concerns me is my vacuum readings are still lower than normal. Im hoping valve seals, new...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    This may sound dumb but after finally getting the Jinx to 90% of where I want it to be I ordered a new camshaft. With 203K Miles it just doesnt have the pep in its step I want it to have. Ive owned this car for right at 18 months and have driven it less than 1500 miles total. But I want it...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Seriously contemplating picking up the blue/yellow Bilsteins. Well worth the money, and actually not all that much more costly than say the KYB's. Mine feel like Im driving a brand new car and if the original Bilsteins lasted 200k miles when you figure in cost per mile their actually cheap!!
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    Need some insight. Envoy totalled

    Very hard to watch. Pine trees are the Rust of the South... Don't know about where you are but from the looks of it not very far from me. In Louisiana we have a State Insurance Commissioner who you can take your low ball complaints to , usually the insurance company will come up with a...
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    WoW....Very Nice

    This may be a repost since the vid is 5 yrs old but it deserves a repost if it is. Makes me realize how much work I still have to do on mine..... Not a lowering fan but the attention to detail is A+ !
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    NEED HELP Fan Clutch from hell lol

    I think the light comes on when there is a 100rpm ( and i could be wrong about the exact number) difference between what speed the computer wants the fan clutch to read and what speed it is actually running. And for some reason the light comes on quicker in some vehicles than others. I know...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Took her out for a drive finally. New struts, brakes and fan clutch. Unbelievable the way the front end feels now. 80% of the front end bushings are less than a yr old, decent tires and front end aligned. This thing drives like brand spanking new. Front end sits up a lil higher, maybe 3/4"...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Much fun bleeding the brakes . Almost wore out the grandkid pumping the brakes. Seriously we pumped the drivers side probably 35 times and the passenger side well over 50 before the bubbles stopped coming. Still not much pedal but havent been able to try it running since battery is dead and...

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