Amazon Product ZUMIMALL GXS1 Security WIFI Webcam: $96.00 w/ FREE S&H


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Ordinarily… my Wife sleeps without disturbance… but within the last week or so, she has heard sounds like somebody has been prowling around in our back yard. I chalked it up to being either Bad Dreams or perhaps some Feral Animal activities…

That is, until I later found out that someone had indeed removed the nails out of three vertical boards from my 6’ slatted Cedar Fence over in the far corner of the yard and then after doing whatever the Hell they were up to… they managed to exit the yard and then weave slip the boards right back in place.

The COVID-19 Crisis lays bare the two obvious faces of being a Medical AND an Economic Crisis. But it also exposes two more besides: The Good Face of Genuine Concern and Assistance… and the other being: The Bad One; Borne of Criminal Opportunity, Avarice and Greed... or maybe something even Worse.

Since I’m a firm believer that it’s “Always Better to ACT ...than to REACT...” I decided to investigate a WIFI based Home Security System that better suits my needs as follows:

(1) Having NO Security Company Contracts to mess with.
(2) Running LONG on LI-Ion Battery Power (3-6 MONTHS on a FULL CHARGE ...Unattended).
(3) Being VERY EZ to Install (Three Screws for Installing the Inverted Base).
(4) Requires Absolutely NO Wiring or House AC 110 Power (NONE!).
(5) Covers at LEAST 120 Degrees of the involved areas with Clarity & Depth of Field.
(6) Can Work in Daylight and in Darkness... WITH Smart MOTION SENSING.
(7) Can Work in ALL WEATHER Conditions.
(8) Can Record 1080P Quality Video AND Ambient Sound (and in Infrared).
(9) Provides the means to Speak Directly to any Visitors or Intruders. WITH A BUILT-IN ALARM.
(10) Provides a Mobile App for IPods and Android Cell Phones or Tablets to monitor or check on the Cloud Videos.

ALL of these and MORE Capabilities are Not TOO Much to Ask for… Right... For under $100.00 ?

Well, Enter Amazon HERE to see The Pair of ZUMIMALL GX1S WIFI Security Camera System I decided on getting and which just arrived this evening:

This YT Video gives a Very Good Overview of this Security Webcam Gear:

This Young Lady also gives a Good Review as well:

... and you can see the “Un-Boxing” of this Gear in all of its Beauty and Simplicity on my “Flickr-Bucket”:
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Not bad a bad find but I would call it 95% wireless since you do have to recharge it every 3-6 months. If you want absolute autonomy, there are some that are battery operated like this and have a solar panel.

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