NEED HELP YET again another Headlight issue

Steve A

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I have already looked through the posts for the headlights and have come across the process to test the lights... so this is where I am at currently.


HID's in Lows and fogs only, DRL killer, Auto headlights retained

Headlights currently are working with a little creative ingenuity. (I am using the foglight switch to control the headlights with the power from the fog light relay to the headlight HID relay) It works for now, I am just getting frustrated with having to turn on the lights that way as well as having no fog lights because of the way it's wired.

Ruled out:

Bad HID Bulbs (bulbs currently work)
Bad HID Relays (swapped with fog light relays, works)
Bad headlight switch assembly (bought new switch) **side note if anyone needs a switch let me know, I have a brand new on that Napa won't take back. cheap. 75 bucks**
Bad Relay (swapped with 2005 trailblazer, known headlights working)

This is where I have come to the problem.

I did the test as May03LT had in his video.
Removed #46
Lead in pin #2 + battery Ground = light
Lead in pin #6 + battery Positive = light
Lead in pin #5 + battery positive = no light when the switch is turned on.
Lead in pin #4 + battery positive = no lights turned on

What is the next step in the process? I have called Chevy and my VIN is not covered under the recall and of course their course of action is for me to take it to the dealer for them to diagnose the problem... YEA RIGHT... I will fight till the death to fix it myself before I take it to the dealer.

I appreciate all help and guidance should I have missed a step in the process.




Looks like you're not getting the signal from the BCM. Wiring issue? Check the output at the BCM for that signal. Basically, you have to work your way back until you get to the root cause.


Check the link in my sig to the manuals. All schematics are in there.


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Not sure if the tests you did ruled this out but...

Check the pink wire where you did the drl killer, maybe it's corroded or burned or came loose at a joint?

Steve A

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Just did that, disconnected it and put it back as stock. When I put lead in #5 and add power, turn the switch the probe lights up... I put lead in #4 and add power no lights.

I need to find the original post over on the OS to see what I did for the DRL killer and there is a resistor in there as well... Its been a while since this was done and I dont remember everything.


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Checked that the headlight pigtail has ground present?


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how is the drl killer installed? is it a relay, or a module? u mentioned a resistor, haven't seen a resistor for drl yet, i guess at least.. also depending on year, there is a fuse for the hdm relay, maybe check that also..

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