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Windshield in 03 avalanche leaking at the top...

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by gmc4flash, May 1, 2016.

  1. gmc4flash

    gmc4flash Active Member

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    so I had to have my windshield replaced, other that being surprised how cheap it was $186... was also surprised with the cause... apparently the paint had let go underneath the adhesive that attaches the windshield to the truck. so every time it rained... it leaked down between the paint and the metal into the cabin of the truck... seeing as rainy season in Texas is starting up again(most recent storm netted me a half a gallon of water in my console)... decided to just bite the bullet and fix it. Briefly thought about hitting it with a rock and decided fraud was not the way to go... and honestly feel better for it. So the reason for posting here is... if you do have your windshield replaced... make sure the installer preps the old paint to make sure it is not about to come loose and ruin the seal of the new install. Apparently this is fairly common for many gm trucks.
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  2. Mooseman

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    Yeah, my 02 has had a leak since day 1 and always thought it was the sunroof. I think it's somewhere at the top of the windshield because my roof console gets full of water. Sometimes it leaks, sometimes not. I've tried resealing it, no luck.

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