Whine coming from Passenger door speaker


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When the vehicle (2006 Envoy Denali) is running and we are driving with the radio on an intermittent whine comes from the passenger side rear door speaker. The whine is dependent upon engine rpm and rises and falls with rpm. The whine is not constant but seems to depend on whether I have hit a bump or not. Since the whine is not consistent and seems to be triggered both on and off with road irregularities, I believe there is a loose ground somewhere. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this. I am wondering is the air pump for the rear suspension could be loose but have not checked yet. I have already replaced the speaker in the pass rear door. Thanks for any suggestions.


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Mine whines, not sure which, my wife found out if we nudge the center console it stops. Temporary solution for a later fix


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Have a look at this "Radio Guru"...and the similar issues he had to deal with...AND SOLVED!



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This is most likely an issue that develops with an add-on device like a hands-free Bluetooth connection to a phone. The interference “whine” is being picked up by the sound system amplifier located in the rear of the vehicle which connects to the radio/CD player located in the dash. The wired connection to the amplifier runs under the console. I have the exact same issue and it’s totally random. It’s a ground loop that is caused by the added equipment which in my case was the low cost handsfree Bluetooth adapter that is hardwired to the radio which serves as a display for Bluetooth control. Remove the external equipment that was added at some point and that is likely the issue.

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