What did you do to your GMT today? [Part II]


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Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
One possibility is that they changed suppliers since the last set, especially if both are the same. They don't make their own parts, they just rebox whatever parts they get. The best I've ever seen were the original GM parts. Oddly enough, the MAS, FVP and Dorman look like the originals, same for the fronts.


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Dec 3, 2011
Brighton, CO
I replaced the wheel seal on my XUV some months ago while Chasing a Vibration I replaced the wheel bearings and wheel seals... I must have dont something wrong, as the passenger side has been oozing since.

Going into winter, I dont want to be crawling under there every month to top off the diff, or god forbid, forget, and have to replace the diff.

So I got to re-replace the axle seal. I couldnt see anything wrong with the one I pulled out... Hopefully the new one doesnt leak.


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Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
I've had that happen on my 02. Replaced the seals and one leaked, getting all over the parking brake. I remember saving that shoe by soaking it in solvent and lots of brake cleaner.


Nov 20, 2011
Tampa Bay Area, FL
As mentioned in a previous post, I had noticed some battery issues after the EXT was parked for a few days. With a 4 year old battery, thought I may be due for a new one. Had gotten into the habit of throwing the charger on it overnight, when I new I had to go somewhere after being idle and that was working OK.

Here's a couple of screen grabs of the battery monitor when getting home after the evening commute, when I first noticed the problem, and after about a month of the 'Monday night' pre-charge routine. Somewhat of an improvement at holding a charge, but dropping this low after turning the key off was still a concern.

Screenshot_20231024_170957_Battery Monitor.jpgScreenshot_20231109_164936_Battery Monitor.jpg

So this weekend I decided to throw the charger on Sunday mid day, all day Monday, and pulled it off this morning as I needed to hit the grocery store for a few things. The graph looked the same as always before pulling the clamps off, but the voltage stayed at 12.8V instead of dropping to 12.5 immediately, and slowly going down to about 12.3. When I opened the driver's door and woke up some modules, it dipped to 12.5 but held steady.

Screenshot_20231121_102619_Battery Monitor.jpg

After the short round trip to the store, checked it again, and got a steady 12.6. She'll be parked for the rest of the day, but I've got some pretty lengthy drives ahead of me Wednesday and Thursday, over an hour 1 way, so I'll really get to see how the battery looks after some heavy usage by the amp, and then be parked for the weekend.

Screenshot_20231121_110826_Battery Monitor.jpg


Apr 9, 2012
Received the new links from RA. I can't tell if this is a current or old batch/stock. Differences I noticed were the boxes says "AC Delco Professional", whilst the Amazon links are just in a white box with a AC Delco sticker and part nunber slapped on the end. But packaging wise, these are identical to the ones I've got on the Envoy.


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