What can these things handle?

I've never attempted to take my Envoy off road I feel it's too big for the V6 to get any fun out of it without getting stuck..can anyone say otherwise? Would you drive one half throttle through some small trails with 4-6 inch mud holes at best? Would this all come down to confidence and skill and knowing when to stop and back up lol


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V6? :no: Inline power :yes:

I've buried it to the frame in 2wd in the snow and then continued moving forward in 4wd if that helps. It wasn't too powdery either.


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The I6 has over 200 HP, do not worry. Just make sure you have good enough tires for where you want to go. Have you ever floored it from a stop? I have felt like there were always two speeds: it's easy to drive for gas mileage, and then the thing will flat out haul ass.

Give it a try.... safely, mind ya.


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I went a few places i had no business going with all season tires and no lift. Had some muddy ruts at the levy end of the lake. Drove on the side of the levy and realized it was too steep to be driving on. The ass end was slideing toward the lake/ruts. Had the wheel cut almost all the way toward the lake/ruts just to go straight. Fairly sure i would have rolled if i slid into the ruts. On the way back i tried to straddle the ruts in 4lo but got sucked in them and hung up when i ran into a small tree stump. Got around that and was dragging the bottom in the rest of the way out.

February we got 25" of snow. Used a push broom to clear the snow off the hood and roof and drove right out in 4hi. Couldn't do more than five miles an hour down my unplowed street. The wipers couldn't keep up with the snow being pushed/blown over the hood. The main roads were plowed with about six inches of fresh snow on top. Was going to take the interstate to work but heard on the radio that it was closed so i headed north my normal route up dixie highway but turned around when i got to muldraugh hill. I watched a car go down slowly at first but did not have enough traction to brake. They crashed into concrete divider before reaching the bottom where the curve was.
With about 300 HP from the I-6 these things are the envy of most jeep owners for power. I drive it thru whatever is in front of it. Hood deep sometimes, as shown below. Get a winch and forget about the stopping and backing up. Everytime I hit the trail i have guys asking about it and saying how they are impressed with it. They are same dimensions as a JKU including dang close in weight. They have a full frame. They have a 2.7:1 TC. We have a ton of power from any of the available engines. We have a decent transmission really. I have led and followed all kinds of rigs up over n through all kinds of places in several states and do not hesitate to take it out and play with it :lipsrsealed:


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As the photos above show, these trucks are very capable when lifted and fitted with larger tires. Mine is the long wheelbase EXT model, and worked great on fairly level trails, but tended to drag the middle of the frame and running boards when crossing dropoffs and drainage trenches. Once I got the 2.5 inch lift installed, it will go anywhere that any suv of the same length and clearance will, and do it with ease and comfort that some others lack. I've been off roading for 50 years, and I'm very pleased with the capabilities of this platform.

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Great pics!!! I am wondering this as well with mine. I took it Saturday to Amelia Island and found a few spots still with deep dry sand. I went right over in 4lo at about 6 mph like a champ.

Sunday was not as good, but may just be me...

So I went to Regency Dunes Sunday for some wheeling. This is a long time dune area with very deep soft sand. I was wheeling and decided to go off track and turn right onto some very soft flat sand. I got stuck!!! Now I was in 4lo and when you turn the inside tire stops... I was able to go back and forward a few times and got right out. BUT this crushed my confidence.

Wandering if something is wrong or just this noob not knowing how to wheel....

EDIT: Amelia Island Saturday I was aired down to 26psi and Sunday at Regency I was 32psi.
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So I finally installed the adjustable PanHard bar from Spohn and the new Bilstein HD rear shocks. I must say I did not get stuck this weekend and never close too. Even went through an area I use to get stuck before.

Love the body style of these trucks with the off road tires. My GMT360 feels very capable now and aggressive looking.

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So I found some great Dunes on North Side of Jax in Imeson. So much fun and truck was a beast, well until I did a Noob move and angled wrong. LOL

top hill.jpg looking back.jpg tracks.jpg stuck.jpg stuck back.jpg
Interesting. I have the Suicidedoors adjustable panhard and found zero change in performance, but I did it just to center the rear axle cause it bugged me for it to be offset.

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hhhmmmm. I did couple this change with new Bilstein 5125 rear shocks as I had stock still. I also did the transfer case fluid(was green) and rear diff fluid while I was under as well.

Before the above I got stuck a few times in fairly easy terrain. As soon as I did the above changes I noticed a big difference in just riding down the street. Just felt better, rolled better it seemed.

Then when I got it out on sand I felt untouchable unlike before the above changes.

Maybe something else played a factor.... To me I felt a difference right away.
The shocks made a huge difference to me even with previously having Rough Country shocks.

Fluids also help smooth the drivetrain out.

I certainly don's see the panhard as doing anything one would notice unless you had some tire lifting on only one side due to offset, but even that would be affected by the new shocks far more.

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OK gotcha. Yeah I had an issue with stock shocks as one side in back was higher than other and I think the shock failed at full extension. So maybe that and fluids had more to do with it.

Yes! the offset is annoying and I do like the look after adjusting back to inline.
Honestly if you want full out proper performance of the panhard you would still need the drop bracket to dial in the proper arch of motion for the rear suspension. I have thought about it, but it works as is. I am not sure anyone has done both as either seems to center the rear and that's all most want, but from an engineering perspective you need both to line it up properly during cycling.


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It negotiated mud hill down and up fine.

It did not negeotiate ice hill very well. Service 4wd light was illuminated with a B0790 stored. Before accending, i engaged the 4wd on dry pavement and felt crow hop. Front wheels did not engage. Lost traction 3/4 of the way up. Started sliding backwards so i steered it into the rut on the passenger side instead of off the mountain on the drivers side.

My cuz brought down a chain, come-a-long, and tire chains. Got the chains on the drivers side. Chains were too big so a bungee cord was used to tighten them up. Had to winch the envoy up some to get access to put the chain on the passenger side. Once the chains were installed on both sides i drove out of the rut with some three wheel motion after a few attempts. Then right up the hill.



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DAlastDON, that envoy is by far the cleanest rig I've seen off roading! And mad props for wheelin' 18s!!

From a guy that cut his teeth in the fast and/or furious car scene the biggest mod for off roading is PRACTICE!! And good tires.


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We have had snow, 4-6 inch's for several days. Drove the TB every where. Left the 20,000 dollar f350 4x4 parked so if I got hit it would be a less expensive. Showed 220 miles driven in AWD or 4X4. It did great this was on paved roads. We have steep hills some maybe 10 to 15% grades in the hood. Low range took the down slopes great.
Than we got ice on top and more ice. I got the f350 out at that point. Drove on ice for 7 days. Spun the truck a 360 on a down grade, at low speed. By down grade maybe 15% about 2 city blocks long with a 90 degree turn at bottom. I was going around 5 mph. So, no big deal. I was pleased I spun a 26ft long truck around on a 34ft wide road. And no damage. I did start to get worried as the truck slid backwards. It stopped in about 4 ft. I did drive it back up the hill without chains.. Wife said the TB did better and was mad for not driving it. Well it went up and down same hill. Just not ice covered snow. Maybe it would have done better who knows. On snow and ice speed matters. That time, the speed was to fast.
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We had 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice over the snow. I did wear boot chains when walking on the stuff. I do chain up the truck sometimes. It was a thought while stuck on the slope. But, I decided attempting that on a ice covered slope might not be the place to put them on. For fear of the vehicle sliding backwards maybe over me. If I could not have got moving. I had a pick axe and was going to break up ice near the front of the tires.