What came in your mail today?


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Aug 24, 2021
Lincoln, Ne.
I got myself some goodies this week! It's always nice when that happens!
FedEx brought me a couple 8.6” rear differential covers set. These include the gaskets and new bolts.

I double checked to make certain that this cover would fit the 8.0 on the wife's '06 TB. It does.
Top view:

Side view:

I also bought a couple of Dorman fill plugs for a Jeep. The vertical location for the hole, as best I can measure it, should be 6-1/2” from the bottom of the differential case to the center of the hole. The horizontal location I'm not sure of. I'll make a trip to U-Pull-It and do some research.
The real prize didn't come on a truck (well, OK, it came on MY truck). I have been saving up my Menards rebate coupons, and Wednesday I went and cashed them in on this:

This is the Evolution R185SMS+ 7-1/4” multi material compound sliding miter saw. This is going to be my metal cutting saw. I don't need to cut massive chunks of solid steel, so this should do fine. Here's a pic from the side of the box showing what it can cut:

I already own a Delta 10” compound sliding miter saw for cutting wood. Some may ask “Why not just put a metal cutting blade on that and use IT to cut metal?” Because the Delta spins too fast. It runs at 5500 RPM, which is pretty fast for cutting steel. That's also too fast most steel cutting blades. And exceeding a blades maximum RPM rating can result in lots of small metal blade bits flying around at high speed. Not a good situation!
The Evolution saw runs at 3700 RPM, which is a much better speed for cutting steel, and it is well within the max speed for most metal cutting blades.
This is the best part: remember those rebate coupons I mentioned? They brought my final cost for the saw down from $199 to $75! Happy day!


Jan 15, 2012
Not mailed but shipped to Lowes. Kinda warm out to be thinking of garage heat but, Lowes has been slowly eliminating items eligible for their military discount due to assholes abusing it by buying for contractors and friends,so I wanted to buy before that was gone.
80,000 btu unit, so once this years wood is gone, I'm cookin' with gas....:dance:
ps All that marching is finally paying off...


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Oct 22, 2015
Tampa Bay Area
This was STRANGE...

Yesterday...I received an Oversized Manila Envelope (No Return Address) with THIS Item inside:


I can only surmise that with its OEM Marvel Comic Book Colors... That it was supposed to be sent to Peter Parker*** but somehow.. it wound up at my House...OR... Perhaps Milwaukee Tools has made So Much Moolah from all the Tools I've bought from them over 3/4 of a Century ...that The Corporate Heads said, "Here... Let's Throw This Permanent Marker over to The Old Man..." Either Way... It Writes Pretty in Blue... and is Pretty Damned Cool, Too... :>)

*** Your Friendly, Neighborhood Spiderman

PS **** I'll Sign Autographs with this "Peter Parker Marker" the Next Time I Swoop Down on My Fans at COMIC-CON
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Aug 24, 2021
Lincoln, Ne.
This didn't exactly come in the mail, I went to Harbor Freight and picked it up.
I have a fairly decent sized Craftsman roller tool cabinet, and a much smaller (24”w x 12”d x 22”h) Clarke roller cabinet. One of the drawer slide mounts failed on the Clarke, which shouldn't be real surprising considering that it's at least 25 years old.
So I needed another roll-away. After doing a good bit of research, I decided upon this one:
The cabinet itself gets overwhelmingly positive reviews. It seems that most of the lower ranked reviews concern shipping damage or the plastic wheels. We use US General 5 drawer tool carts at work, and have had great results from them. So I decided that this one would be the one I purchased.
I had really planned on waiting 2 more weeks, until the balance in my personal bank account was a bit higher. Don't like to run that down too low. Yesterday after I got home from work I decided to check the Harbor Freight coupons using my cell phone. I was scrolling through the coupons and thought “It would be great if that tool cabinet was on sale.” Sure enough! I found a coupon for $30 off. I checked the website to see if a red one was in stock in Lincoln. “Limited stock in Lincoln, Ne.”
So off to HF I went. Came home, wrestled the box into the basement (not a fun thing to do), and got it put together.

I don't intend to install the handle. I'll put that in the back of the bottom drawer. I like that they give you pre-cut liners for all the drawers, and cardboard and plastic inserts for the front of the drawer pulls so you can label what's in each drawer. Unfortunately, the plastic strips didn't survive the shipping process very well, so I threw those out. Once I decide what goes where, I'll use my label maker and make some labels for the drawers.
The drawers are full extension drawers. There's lots of room in this cabinet!

The small cabinet is the Clarke. The second drawer down is the broken one. I'll try and get it apart and see if I can make it at least functional again. If I can, I'll probably relegate it to hobby use.

If you've been looking for a new tool cabinet, and have a Harbor Freight anywhere close, consider this one.
Here's a link with the coupon:


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Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
Came in yesterday. I had it in my Amazon wish list forever in case I needed one. The price had been around $63 and then went to over $80, then I saw that there was one on a warehouse deal for $43 so decided to get for when I will need it. Stuff been failing on it lately. She's getting up there in age.IMG_20220827_090802_resized1190259599005513897.jpgIMG_20220827_090829_resized5518306445423652629.jpg

Then I saw it's made in China. Hopefully it was built by teenagers instead of kids.


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Oct 22, 2015
Tampa Bay Area
Over time, I've had a gradually growing pile of Hard Wood Oak 'semi-trimmed tree limbs" piling up adjacent my Cedar Fence in the back yard.

And since I've been so very happy with the Milwaukee Long Pole Mini-Chain Saw that I used to LOP THEM OFF a while back, I thought I'd look into whether or not Milwaukee made a Small, 16" Chain Saw using the identical "Fuel" M-18 Batteries that have proven to be "Un-Killable" and have been so Ultra Power-"FULL" with all of my other Milwaukee Yard and Heavy Duty Electric Tools.

They do of course, but then came the problem with this pursuit that their "Kit" version of this M-18 "Fuel" Chain Saw had a nearly $600.00 Price Tag. So after making this off-putting observation, I thought better about "Just waiting a Little While Longer..." and see what developed.

Sure enough, a few weeks back, Amazon offered this Identical Chain Saw as a "Non-Kit" version ...with an additional 27% OFF ( RIGHT NOW ) for around $269.00.


So I pounced on getting the item for the following reasons:

(1) I'm already heavily invested in the Milwaukee "Fuel" M-18 Tool Kits and I have Two Chargers and Two Large M-18 Batteries on the bench and ready to go at a moments notice.

(2) Just as 'Sherlock Holmes' bears a cunning respect for Just How Dangerous a Horse Can Be and thus, he NEVER rode them by saying, "They're Sketchy at BOTH Ends and Dangerous in the MIDDLE..." I have a similar kind of respect for Chain Saws in General. So having one that INSTANTLY TURNS OFF, should I ever have to let the Damned Thing go... (or have to DROP It) for any reasons, really is a Very Important Safety Consideration to me.

(3) I will never again ever use ANY Tools that require Gasoline as Fuel AND Oil; either singly or in combination for Two Stroke or Four Stroke Engines. Battery Powered Brush-less Motor Technology has advanced to the present state where they can finally achieve everything possible... without my having to keep several 5 Gallon Cans of Fuel at hand to make anything using a 4 Cycle Motor to "Make Tools GO". (Ask me and @Blckshdw how much we LIKE our Ryobi Riding Electric Lawn Mowers)

(4) They function practically without making any NOISE.

(5) My Set Up and Tear Down Time necessary for Equipment Preparation and PUT-AWAY once finished ...is a mere FRACTION of what it used to be.


Here are the Un-Boxing Images (The Cardboard Boxing is about 2/3 BIGGER):



    359.6 KB · Views: 1
    417.5 KB · Views: 2
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Dec 3, 2011
Brighton, CO
Its funny you mention that.. Im getting a bonus from work, and am looking to upgrade my server, and buy a Milwaukee kit.. But none of the kits I like...

1/2 impact
3/8 impact
3/8 rachet
1/4 impact
1/4 rachet
Underhood cross bar light

Thats all I want.. And its bloody expensive! More expensive than building a new server!


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Oct 22, 2015
Tampa Bay Area
Chris... if you can also replace the Foam Seat Inserts...it will definitely improve the Look and Feel of that New Leather Seat (No Hog Rings ANYWHERE...). Of ALL the Videos I watched in the hopes of figuring out EXACTLY How To Install The Lower Fastener Bars (?) of that GD Leather Seat...THIS ONE was THE BEST!

Also, Drop in at THIS Thread for 'A LOOK into WHAT to LOOK For..." while you are doing this repair:

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May 23, 2021
Tempe, AZ
Based on @Mike534x's comment on my prior post I decided to go for the updated valve cover instead of modifying the existing valve cover. Will be installing tomorrow. In addition to the valve cover I also purchased the PCV tube & a valve cover gasket. These are both going back to RockAuto as the tube does not fit (despite being listed as a fit) and the valve cover comes with a gasket.

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Mar 16, 2014
Staten Island, N.Y
Had to make an adjustment to my tune so I sent my pcm out to Jeremy over at lime-swap.com. That was just this past Saturday and got it back today. Thanks @limequat for the great service you always provide.20220929_175020.jpg

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