Well, now I know about the 'secondary latch'


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Jul 22, 2015
Nope...didn't have a flat tire; wasn't out in the elements desperately trying to lower the spare.

But since I knew this was a common issue (until a few years ago, when GM eliminated the latch), and I had the rear of the truck on stands, I figured that I'd get it taken care of *now*, before I was stranded on the side of the road somewhere (take your pick - 'bufu land', or on a Chicago-area interstate with a million cars whizzing by. Is death an option? Might be... ::sigh:: )

Since the Sierra had seen many severe Wisconsin winters before I got it, I was expecting the worst. I was only mildly disappointed.

The cable itself looked pristine (and lowered w/o issue) - I wondered if a new assembly had been put in. But that would mean a whole new hoist assembly - and the one on the truck looked like it had survived every one of those WI winters, along with the rest of the truck.

After several hours & two very scratched up arms, I took a 15mm socket and unfastened the one bolt that holds the winch assy in. Only problem with that is that the plastic tube assembly for the winch handle then blocks you from removing the wrench / socket.

"You can't beat me!", I said, and got out the combination wrench (miraculously, I had the right size immediately at hand.)
5 min later, I had the whole assembly down, including the plastic pieces. And no breakage. Yay me.

Unfortunately, after *another* 30min with spare, cable, winch, etc. *outside* the truck...I *still* could not unfasten the latch from the winch. Back to the computer to do some *more* research (& eat.)

I knew I was going to grind off the GD latch - if I could *get* to the latch. Couldn't get the 'wing nut' holder out of the center of the wheel, or I'd have probably become one of those 'spare in the bed' guys, especially since my tonneau is now in working order (See? I've been busy! LOL)

And now as I finish writing this, I remember that while I don't have a 'grinding wheel' for my Dremel, I *do* have a rasp set for my drill.
"You can't beat ME!" AHHH..hahahahaha!!!
Back to the dungeon!...er...garage... ::rubbing hands together excitedly::


Aug 24, 2012
I used wire cutters to eat through the cable a few strands at a time when I replaced mine.

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