Water LEAK - Rear Cargo Compartment. (Solution)


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Feb 21, 2012
So, have you checked the rear cargo compartment only to find it soaking wet? I did. And after much searching I found the solution for me to be a tiny hole in the rear passenger wheel well where the 2 metals meet.

To fix this problem I removed these 2 pieces..
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Then, all you need to do is shine a light underneath the back passenger wheel well at an angling up twoards the lift gate. If you see the light shining through, Throw a small bead of caulk in to fill and then smooth over. Replace the 2 pieces above carefully not to break any clips and your good to go. I also checked the same space on the drivers side only to see that it has no hole and was completely dry.

This has solved my water issue and hopefully yours. If not, the next direction I can push you in would be the rack bolts under the headliner. Tighten and seal with a caulk or silicone type. I would not advise letting this go as the carpet in the rear will mold and STINK to high heavens!


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Jan 5, 2012
Mine started leaking a couple of weeks ago and I spent hours trying to find the leak. Not sure if it's fixed yet, I'm still drying out the cargo area.

Problem: Left towards the rear bumper really soaked and less wet towards the back of the seats.
Possible fixes:
  1. Sealed third brakelight.
  2. Sealed left rear passenger door rubber stripping holes that secure into the body
  3. Sealed top of the hatch rubber gasket where there are wires.
  4. Sealed the two bottom holes for the license plate.

I really think it's number 3 and 4 for the amount of water I had in that area. The top rubber gasket above the hatch is my best guess, b/c the headliner doesn't absorb water it just runs it whatever direction has the least resistance, in my case to the left then most likely dripping down.
Yes, wet cargo insulation makes you want to :puke: I'll update again after it rains, with the 90F temp today, I hope if finally dries out.

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Jul 16, 2012
I've had a leak in the rear cargo area in the center of the truck. The latch area would fill up with water and then run towards the front of the truck and into the rear floor storage compartment and soaked everything in it along with all of the carpet and padding underneath. After some frustrating days of disabling the rear to find the leak, using a garden hose sprinkler, it turned out to be leaking in the rear hatch, right around the license plate panel. The Licenses plate panel (the plastic indented piece that contains the license plate and the light bulbs above the license plate) should have a rubber gasket between the that piece and the medal body outside panel. Mine didn't have one for some reason and even after it was installed I noticed a slight leak (couple of drips) for which I then put some black molding silicone between the license plate panel and the metal body to weather proof it further and drilled a couple of holes in the in the lowest part of the latch area part to let any drips that get in there drain out. I'm not sure if that's the same area your getting leaks but after a rain I almost always had water coming out of the hatch door when I would close it (mostly from the center latch assembly) and would have a pool of water in the floor latch area.
Hope this helps...


Jan 5, 2012
Thanks, might be able to help someone else, I think mine is fixed for now. Took days to dry out...even with the heat.

I would have preferred to leave the lift gate open, but don't want anyone to try to steal anything or have any animals move in.:no:

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