Using your Tech 2 with TDS online subscription and Tis2000

While researching on how to use the Tech 2 with Tis2Web and a TDS subscription at ACDelco, I found these very useful videos. They show that you can use your Tech 2 to update modules using a TDS subscription. As well, he has another video on how to use it with Tis2000 to update modules without a subscription in remote mode.

And ACDelco's option of $40 for one vehicle is attractive for anyone with a 2008+ vehicle and need to update or program modules.


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That pricing is somewhat new. It used to be $55 for 3 days of access but you could use it on any GM vehicle. I really like the $40 for 2 years of access for one specific vehicle.
And it's good for two years however, you can only update/program each module once. I may give this a shot to see if there is updated programming for anything in my 2011 Caprice.
Hi, new to the forums and found the site while googling for tech 2 info. I ended up ordering one, still shipping from China, thanks to this site.

Anyway, you mention this subscription for 2008+ vehicles. I have a 2007 classic. Wouldnt there be possible upgraded programming for modules for the 2007 and older that might have been released past the latest offline version? Or is that subscription purely for the newer vehicles?
It will allow you to update all the way back to 1996 (I think) but you can use the included tis2000 software to update modules up to 2008 (that's what I have available in tis2000 for gmt360 trucks).

However, you are right, there might be an update available through TDS that wasn't available in tis2000 when it was decommissioned. You can check to see if there is a newer version software than what's in your module by going here:
I was able to successfully update a couple modules in the Caprice. I now have a dome light that comes on with the door and remote start (if I had the proper remote).

It works just like in the video however, I found the following. For me, it worked on a 4 year old Celeron laptop with 8 MB of ram and Win 10 Pro despite their requirements for a Core I3 or higher. You must use Internet Explorer, buried somewhere in Win 10, since Edge won't work. And I had to uninstall the latest version of Java and install an old one they posted on their website. You also have to add two sites as trusted sites to work properly (they explain all this when you start SPS).

So this does indeed work :2thumbsup:

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