Amazon Product USB Plug-N-Play Microscope for $25.00


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Oct 22, 2015
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After watching THIS Video:

I hunted down and lucked out by purchasing this Very Same Watch identified as a Man’s Tag Heur Model 4000 Professional S/S & Gold Diver’s Watch from a Japanese Collector in Nagoya, Japan. However, the only thing I don’t like about it is the 30 year Old and Faded Lume on the Watch Face Dial Segments and on the Three Gold Hands.

I had already obtained all of the requisite tools mentioned in the Video, but the only necessary thing left to obtain to perform a careful “Re-Lume” of the Dial Segments and Watch Hands was the ability to Work On and SEE these very minute components.

Well… for only $25.00 over one Amazon, THIS item has proven to be a GEM for the JOB. It works with Windows OS, Samsung Cell Phones, MAC OS10 and in my ‘case’ using a Linux OS and connecting through the Powered USB Port of my Dell Precision Work Station Laptop:

The attached images demonstrate how well this inexpensive Microscope really performs. Please know that the “Purple Hue” or shadows cast in these images is an artifact of how Light refracts and reflects as it passes through the Pure Sapphire Crystal Lens, rather than from any defect in the USB Microscope. I’ll include better images after I’ve had the chance to open up the case and remove the movement to perform all of this work:

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