Truck Night in America


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Was watching the newest episode Thursday night, they had a 2005 SWB Trailblazer LS 4.2.

Thru the first section, that TB flew, but he nosed it in to the ground on every jump. But came in first place.

Thru the second section, which was a pole pull off sorts. And the TB powered thru it.

Thru the third section, it was a trailer of road pull, with a long backing section. The SWB tight turning radius shined, and again he came in first.

The final section, the TB didn't do so well at the middle section, a mud bog. The lower ground clearance, and he was stuck. Engine died, and during his winch pull, c the battery flat lined. Second place against some of the other rigs, he did not do bad at all.


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Saw that, TB seemed pretty much stock, did you notice the specs that they posted? 360HP I was expecting to hear an LS on start-up.
You're right, he did do pretty good in spite of the lack of ground clearance, heck, I thought he was done when he slammed the front after that first jump.
Pulling those campers through the woods looked like fun.


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Just finished watching the episode and the TB did exceptional to me. T360 takes a bit more for a trail fig but it can be done.


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Had this all set to record on my cloud DVR this morning.
Unfortunately, through a series of events, I had to recreate my DirecTV Now acct
Lost all my content / scheduled recordings.

And it's snowing out.
Time to get back under the covers & try life again, tomorrow. :badday:


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Too bad I can't find any vids online, i'd like too see this.


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If you have some of the major tv providers, you can watch it on the app or on there website.

History Channel


The guy has been posting up some stuff on some fb groups. It looks like a fun rig, but thee are some better built ones among us. Maybe we will get to see one of them on the show and a winner!

Still cool to see the platform out there on TV though


I nominate @HARDTRAILZ to go on the show. I don't know of any other as well built as his. :biggrin:


the one guy that has a military axle'ed envoy is the one I wanted to see, but he took his other truck on the show.

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