transmission pan bolts/fuel filter


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well, as I was working on changing out all the fluids and filters, the fuel filter is so rusty that i cannot get the clips to depress enough to pull the lines off of it. As i started taking the transmission pan bolts out, one snapped off, the one next to it i worked it back and forth a few times, gaining each time but then chickened out and snugged it back down. I think the best bet will be to let the dealer do both of those for me this time. i painted the new fuel filter so hopefully it doesn't rust out again so fast. i have no idea how long it has been on there. on the plus side, i was able to easily get the fill and drain plugs out of the rear ends and TC. TC and rear end fluids were pretty dirty but front axle fluid was clean still. Wish me luck on the dealer not having any issues with the transmission pan bolts or the fuel filter...


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Cut or break the fuel filter strap.... use a zip tie to reinstall. If you change your filter on schedule, it won't rust like that. Just my 2 cents.... I had a shop replace my fuel filter as part of another service I had done (an inspection, I think).... bastards charged me $60 to do it... and I supplied the filter. It's literally a 5 minute job, especially when it's already on a lift.

Tranny pan bolts... that just sucks.


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I'd be willing to bet the filter is ancient if things have gotten that bad. Not awesome to find. As for the pan, many shops vac it out the tube and never touch the filter so possibly not been touched since the factory. Fingers crossed they don't charge you for coffee breaks.


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i just purchased the TB a week or so ago so i have no idea when things had been changed last. obviously that fuel filter is old. the trans fluid doesn't actually look that bad. it still has a slight red tint to it but i always change all filters and fluids whenever i purchase a vehicle.

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