NEED HELP Transfer Case Switch 4WD Testing


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I have a 2005 4WD Chevrolet Suburban and I have a problem with the 4WD.

I select any of the options in the switch: Auto 4WD, 2HI, 4HI, 2LO, N. But nothing happens.

I starded by testing the Ohms on the Transfer Case Switch, and here are specs I found online:

Normal: 8.63-9.54 K ohms
Auto 4 WD: 61.7-68.1 ohms
2 HI: 1.50-1.53 K ohms
4 HI: 656-670 ohms
4 LO: 2.32-2.37 K ohms
Neutral: 1.015-1.035 Kohms

I have removed the switch from the panel to make testing and the readings are:

Normal 8.85 K ohms OK
Auto 4 WD 67.9 ohms OK
2 HI 1.481 K ohms under by 0.019 K ohms
4 HI 649 ohms under by 7 ohms
4 LO 2.282 K ohms under by 0.038 K ohms
Neutral 1.002 Kohms under by 0.013 K ohms

Are this readings very bad? in the last 4 options the readings are a little out of range. Is this enough to considering the TCS the cause of my problem?

Or what other testings can I make to find the solution for this?