Trans flare 2-3 shift vid


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Dec 12, 2011
This has been going on for a short while now, other shifts are fine..nice and crisp, even the TC lock. I know how an auto trans works but given the flare, I don't know if it's real bad or just something that may roll on for awhile. Anyone that knows this trans well chime in, I know it needs some attention but wanted to get some opinions.

This was up a small hill and I kept adding more pedal to raise the 2-3 shift to show the flare more at a higher RPM. Please forgive the cell quality.

The shift flared at 3400.

Granted this is also after a fluid change so perhaps it will change.


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May 9, 2013
My transmission was doing the same thing. It always shifted softly but over the last year or so it seemed to be getting worse. The shifts were slower and started letting the engine rev up during the shift. I did a complete flush and filter change on the trans, but it didn't help. I recently learned about a Corvette servo modification that can be installed in these transmissions without even pulling the pan. It tightens the shifts in the transmission for higher performance operation. I decided to try it in mine and I'm thrilled with the change. The shifts are now solid and quick. No more revving between shifts. I did it myself. Bought the servo kit on ebay for $13. There are some YouTube videos showing how to do it. Wish I'd heard about it a long time ago.

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